Divorce, Daddy Freeze, Marriage & Affluence: But money answereth all [things]? -By Nneka Okumazie

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Money answers all the needs that can be bought, at least according to a version of the Bible, for the popular Ecclesiastes 10:19. It said, “Eating and drinking make you feel happy, and money can buy everything you need.”

Another version said, “Feasting makes you happy and wine cheers you up, but you can’t have either without money.”

The popular version said, “A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all

Things are in [block] parenthesis in some digital Bibles, implying things may mean needs. It may.

It is important to understand the verse with regards to context. It mentioned two different things before money.

So one thing, then another, but money for everything – more or less; however, can money exactly buy everything else that cannot be bought, the answer is NO!

Money is conspicuous but limited. Money did not buy lasting marriages for several wealthy couples. Whatever made the marriages fall apart, money couldn’t fix it.

There are failures of wealth in health, in happiness, in mood, in locations, in career, in status, in success, in fulfillment, in purpose and in intellect.

Most places money is supreme [or everything] are often a convex of legal and – mostly illegal means. No one cares because money is king. Mostly fun places, where things are expensive or plays are made, etc.

Money isn’t always the most important factor in free market economics. Yes, really important, but there are several important stuff in play.

The fact that money is equal to material possessions which is equal to what all can see and measure makes money the optics – often – for acceptance.

Money is read as success, so bars are often lowered for the affluent in many settings. But money often fails. Money can be empty. Though it carries purchasing power, money can be worthless.

A country can have billionaires, millionaires, great vehicles, houses, estates, etc., yet the country can be so underdeveloped that some places won’t see electricity for weeks – just like that.

No matter what kind of money anyone has or what kind of vehicle anyone drives, a country with tens of millions of people who can’t have a few stick out their necks to solve their own problems is a poorer country.

How can a country have the same sets of problems for twenty years, no solution, no great ideas, no resilience and relentlessness to solving the problems?

How can everyone claim to know what is wrong with everything and know how to fix it, but nothing is working?

How can personal comfort be the height of achievement – for most, while abandoning the greater good for the society?

With all these problems, why does it still seem money is still promoted – so badly that individual wealth is seen as everything?

Even giving in Church is seen as a play for wealth. So if Christians give and don’t become rich, haters say the giving is wasted.


Humans can measure each other with value of possessions, but no one can measure the work of GOD by money, or the physical.

It is better to understand giving, how it works and why, and from whom it is expected in true Churches.

It may be reaped as anticipated, it may not. GOD cannot be mocked. But GOD rewards those who diligently seek Him.

There are so many necessities in life that money cannot buy. There are some existential favors a genuine Christian, somewhere, can have that is far valuable than whatever some rich individual somewhere else has.

There are some things not under one’s control, but hope is that it goes well for everyone. Autoimmune diseases are yet to be fully understood in biomedical science, not having it is a kind of health favor – to anyone: rich, poor, or genuine Christian – and for them, it is another thing to be grateful to GOD for, regardless of what unbelievers think.

True Churches are not the problem of Nigeria and will never be. All those wailing – with fabrications and conspiracies – to pin problems on the Church are hopeless. Income, purchasing power [of that income] and conditions of living are responsible for poverty, not Church, or Pastor, or giving.

Any human has a choice – of community, or social activity. Church is like a community for some, a place of hope, a family, a place to go, a place of counsel, a place for wisdom, a place for change, a place for the heart, a place for joy, a place for several priceless stuff, etc.

And Church is great, if it the choice of anyone. Some who are addicted to social media in Nigeria would attack Churches. But can anyone review in the last four years the amount of positive results achieved from internet complainers? It is hardly double digit.

The prominent one that doused a toxic law enforcement strain is a problem that wasn’t, then came and got solved, but still exists in elements.

Social media is to complain, wail and wait for next day. You pray too much should have been met by you tweet too much – in the heart of the complainer, if wise. You go to Church too much, should have been met with you are so much of an alcoholic [or whatever addiction it is] – in the mind of the complainer.

You give in Church too much should be met with you hate too much, and you are a busybody with no real value to anything useful.

Going viral on social media is borderline worthless because it is momentary. Also, a flood of contents on social media can move moods and sometimes sink it into depression.

Money cannot buy self-control, which is why some of the privileged people who wail about Church do what they do with no understanding.

Money can’t buy happy marriages – even though tons of young people prioritize money before considering anything else.

[Matthew 6:24, No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.]