Life is so mysterious: Christianity, Reasoning, Daddy Freeze & Why? -By Nneka Okumazie

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If Christianity is control, then it is voluntary control – where an individual comes to Jesus, or draws near to GOD, or opens the door when Christ knocks, or submits to GOD.

Many reject Christianity because they think it is control and can’t agree with the sets of rules of the Faith.

But, life is so mysterious that the things that control people – without submitting to it, are numerous. There are several explanations that psychology offers for situations, yet, those explanations – no matter the cute names – aren’t answers, or satisfactory ones.

The Christian Faith, through the Scriptures, offers more answers and examples affectedly, than whatever else.

Often people ask the big whys, of nature and GOD, natural disasters and GOD, etc. And often use those to try to discredit Christianity.

But, GOD is a Spirit. GOD is not physical. Heaven is not physical. GOD is Supreme Sovereign. Looking to see GOD with a telescope is impossible, and asking if He cares because of sufferings is to misunderstand life itself and the role of GOD – to human.

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Everyday life does not entail asking questions about GOD and astronomy. It entails going through things that are seen, heard, or experienced, but with several – mysterious – underlays.

Love, social media, thoughts, habits, hobbies, surprises [positive or negative], tragedy, mood, health, etc. might be seen, heard, or experienced, but many times what swings them – and why – are unknown.

A Christian may have struggles and it may seem like serving the LORD doesn’t look like what the person thought – per result. But there are several examples in the Scriptures for comfort. To know that many had gone through the roughest of times.

This knowledge can be the difference between a Christian and a non-Christian: and the difference between delight and depression.

Yes, depression is a medical condition, but consistent feeding on the Word of GOD, Faith, Worship, Fellowship, and Gratitude can go a long way in preventing the mind from getting into a sunken place where a horrible addiction becomes the only answer.

Following JESUS is completely voluntary. Regardless of how the message of Salvation came, or when the Holy Spirit convicted the individual of sin, accepting JESUS is basically voluntary.

And it helps. There is joy in it. There’s hope in it. There’s Faith. There’s fulfillment. There’s Worship. There’s gratitude for life. There’s encouragement. There’s inspiration. There’re lessons on love. There’s the recognition of sacrifice. There’s affinity. It is also a marriage.

Christianity has the Holy Spirit – the Comforter and Counselor, offering guidance, protection and help.

There are many things to learn from the Scriptures and so many personal experience and explanation that the Holy Spirit offers genuine Christians.

Genuine Christianity is rest from [owning] worries, from [owning] burdens and from questions of stupidity – with answers of no value.

There are so many stupid questions pelted at the Christian Faith. Those questioning always have a mindset that no satisfactory answer can be provided, OK.

But questioning Christianity is far less important than the mysteries of this world. There are so many bizarre situations that the only thing to exclaim is what!

Those who are supposed to be happy are sad. Those who are supposed to have everything lack the invaluable. Legal stupidity, marital stupidity, political stupidity, business stupidity, etc. are common in unexpected quarters.

While it is easy to predict the problems of the poor, and why, it is hard to predict the challenges of the rich. Money is there, but the failures of that money in their lives or aspirations, can be catastrophic.

Christians pin their hopes on the LORD, no matter their worth, location, status or situation. It is not dependent on anything.

In the Scriptures, Kings followed the Lord, servants too did. Also, some kings rejected the Lord, some servants too did.

No matter how tough or rough the situation is, genuine Christians often recognize that GOD is merciful, that “[It is of] the LORD’S mercies ‘they’ are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.”

It is better to be on the LORD’s side than to be open to any control in a mysterious world. Trends will come to control. Many will be swayed. Those who feel left behind may crash into sadness. Or others who feel they can’t reach their ambition would row in sadness.

But looking unto JESUS – whatever it means to a genuine Christian in any situation, is the way of happiness.

Christian marriage has hope for longevity than any kind of marriage. Living together as one and whatever may come – good, shocking, or bad are often first met with the fear of GOD.

Christian marriage is not money. It is JESUS – the Head of the Church, with His examples of love, forgiveness, patience, sacrifice, humility, affinity, giving, selflessness, etc. teaching and helping them.

Jeremiah 17:7, But blessed are those who trust in the LORD and have made the LORD their hope and confidence.