2018 Prophecy concerning Nigeria and the upcoming Election -By Apostle Paul Okikijesu

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“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because the Lord has anointed Me to preach good tidings to the poor. Isaiah 61: 1-3


Introduction: I am a truthful God and the God of Covenant. Thus says the Lord: The one that created path in the wilderness; He who created path where none existed before. I descend presently says the Lord of hosts. I hold captivity captive, says the Lord.

Thus says the Lord: This world will pass away but the smallest of My word will not go unfulfilled says the Lord of hosts. You the sons of men, I am concern about this world and My first question is: When I return, will I meet Christianity faith in this world? This is the twenty first time that I will ask this question. Will I meet faith according to the faith and the covenant that I used to create the world?



Thus, says the Lord: The messages that I sent are currently happening and many people are regretting their actions of not following My instructions. Many people are acknowledging that a Prophet prophesied, but the world failed to harken to his voice. Why? Because of what they will eat, they turned a deaf ear to the truth. Now when the event is happening, they are troubled because they do not know the secret of I the Lord.

Thus, says the Lord: I really pity this country because the citizens are the architect of their troubles. Many people are delivering fake messages which I did not send them.

Nigeria needs prayer:

Thus says the Lord: The nation needs prayer starting from September 28th until October 7th because of the looming crisis at the National assembly, including Aso Rock Villa and the State Secretariats of the political parties.

Thus says the Lord: People should pray fervently for Nigeria because when the powerful person falls, it will shake many of the States in Nigeria. If this does not happen, then I am not God anymore.


Apostle Paul Okikijesu

Thus says the Lord: Write it down My messenger, the looming crisis will burst starting from October 2018 until January 2019. If this does not happen, then I am not God anymore. Write down this hour, the looming crisis will happen and the effects will be felt in the States of the nation. When this looming crisis bursts, people will be hurt, so pray fervently for the country.

The looming crisis:

Thus says the Lord: A big looming crisis shall happen, starting from September 27, 2018 till October 3rd, 2018. After the manifestation of this incident, the effect will be felt from October 5th, 2018 till October 15th, 2018. The firmament will change and certain big events shall happen.

States that will be affected by the looming crisis:

Thus says the Lord: The first State/City which the looming crisis will burst is Kano, then it will affect others which are: Kaduna, Abuja, Osun State, Imo State, Delta State, Ekiti State, Ogun State, Oyo State, Kwara State, Lagos State, Benue State, Akwa Ibom State, Edo State, Adamawa State, Cross River State, Rivers State (Port Harcourt), Taraba State, Bauchi State, Katsina State, Borno State, Zamfara State (Baduku), and Ondo State. The effect of the crisis will be felt in the aforementioned States.

Destructive rain:

Thus the Lord: My messenger, write it down; the firmament will change starting from tomorrow. A great rain will fall that will cause great destruction starting from October 2018. The sky will be cloudy giving way to heavy rainfall, and during the rainfall, it will be sunny, but this rain is a destructive rain which will destroy many things. This rain will fall like hail/hailstorm.

Many political aspirants will not survive 2018:

Thus says the Lord: Not all the political aspirants will enter year 2019. Not all the political aspirants will contest the upcoming election in good health and sound mind.

Thus says the Lord: Some of the well-known and distinguished aspirants will not survive year 2018; write today’s date down. Several political aspirants will be sick before the election day. It is the way that people least expect that I will utilize on the D-day which is the election day. It will be similar to the incident which happened during the 2016 election. The powerful person will fall and it will shake many States and the Nation.

The current administration and the political parties:

Thus says the Lord: Starting from September 27th, 2018, there will be a looming crisis among the members of All Progressives Congress (APC), among the members of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and among the present regime which will be a source of concern and the effect will be felt from October 5th, 2018 till October 8th, 2018.

Political parties:

Thus says the Lord: Some political parties will be dissolved starting from October 2018 and the firmament will change because of these events. My judgment will come upon the so-called religious ambassadors. Year 2019 will be a powerful year and I really pity that many political aspirants will not enter year 2019.

Some will enter year 2019, but they won’t have good health. Several aspirants will be disappointed by the power and powerful individual that they relied on and trusted. Numerous people that are the ambassadors of God who are in position of authority in the country will be trivialized in year 2019; write it down. If I do not trivialize them, say that I am not God anymore.

Death of a prominent figure:

Thus says the Lord: A powerful person will die in the nation, and his/her death will make people to tremble when they learn about his/her demise. There is a powerful person who will die and his/her death will shake the nation.

Judgment will come upon the corrupt religious people:

Thus says the Lord: My judgment will come upon the corrupt people who call themselves My ambassadors/priests. My judgment will come upon all the religious people who call themselves My ambassadors and representatives.

Thus says the Lord: The looming crisis will start from these religious people who call themselves My ambassadors and representatives. It will also come upon the people who are exalting idols more than I the Lord. It will burst upon the people who are glamorizing the idols and making suggestions that Nigeria should return to idolatry including those that suggest that Nigeria should return to Islamic religion.

Thus says the Lord: The looming crisis will burst upon the saboteurs who are drawing back the pace of progress of the nation, including the people who are bent on turning the country spiritually to darkness. People will fear and tremble; their minds will not be at rest concerning the event and what the outcome will be, since no one knows how it will end.

Thus says the Lord: The outcome of the looming crisis will be the way that people will least expect.

Nigeria and United States of America

Warning to the leaders of Christianity:

Thus says the Lord: Inform all the people in the position of authority to be cautious. They should desist from all unrighteousness and those that are honest (who are speaking the truth) must not relent, but continue. Those who are into unrighteous activities should stop because the coming of I the Christ is at hand. If they refused to refrain from every form of unrighteousness, then the looming crisis will burst upon them, says the Lord of hosts.

Thus says the Lord: They should bring forth or produce fruit that is worthy of repentance. Many of them that have slept are not admitted into My kingdom, so where are they going to have their final rest? Do they even know where they will sleep? Tell them to change because I do not have pleasure in the death of sinners but for the sinners to repent and be saved. This is the message for all the people in position of authority in America and Nigeria. Their change of hearts is important to I the Lord because I do not want the death of My beloved anymore.

People are being led astray:

Thus says the Lord: The Nations are leading people astray through their laws. Also, the churches are misleading many people. Several churches are misleading people by twisting the Word of God while other churches are deceiving the beloved through false miracles. I the Lord will not use merciful eye to look at anyone who is misleading My flocks. My punishment and spiritual cane will come upon such people and I will ask the blood of the misled people from them and their descendants, says the Lord of host, unless they change.

Messages to the World

Christianity sites that were converted to mosques:

Thus says the Lord: Many mosques in Turkey, Greece, and the European countries, where Paul and other saints have performed powerful works which had been converted to mosques, I the Lord will retrieve them with covenant, says the Lord of hosts. My messenger, write it down, if this does not happen, I am not God.

Catholic fathers and sisters:

Thus says the Lord: Many of the people that are supposed to be respected who called themselves fathers and sisters have defiled themselves with the vanity of this world. The Devil has gained them by using the covenant adulterous spirit to ruin the covenant that I the Lord gave to them.


I am the Lord, I do not change. I created the heights and the plains, and all powers belong to I the Lord. Peace be unto you


Numbers 23: 19 “God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?


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God bless.

Prophet Frank Akanbi

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