2019 Election Campaign: Buhari Will Be Popping The Champagne Of Corruption Again -By Micheal A. Adeniyi

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President Buhari is a saint, Atiku is corrupt, yet we think that their presidential campaign funding will fall from hell, we are funny, we are fighting each other on who is a saint and who is corrupt, it is important to note that among the presidential candidates only AAA’s candidate, Sowore is running a campaign based on donations, others will run their’s with corruption and loots. Sowore seems to be the only candidate contesting without Godfather and looted fund, he is using donation just like other real parties across the globe, Other contestants including prez Buhari will contest with looted funds or Godfather influence. Just like 2015, President Buhari will contest again with corruption.

Those who crowned President Buhari a saint have started receiving bank alerts, phones and other branded items for the campaign, during the election proper, they will share many branded souvenirs. Buhari’s campaign DG has received his own payment, Atiku’s campaign DG was in Dubai with his crew over the weekend on a shopping spree, if to follow Buharists talks, Atikulators must have been spending corruption proceeds in Dubai.

President Buhari’s campaign DG, Keyamo have started saying, he received money for the campaign, just campaign, nothing more… I wish to remind him that PDP’s Olisah metuh is saying same about 2015 election campaigns from jail, the question is “whose money is being used? Looted funds, our money.”


Micheal A. Adeniyi

Don’t come with the narrative of how President Buhari could afford such huge funding, we were here when he said he was too broke to buy a 50m presidential ticket, so how did he amass so much money in 2 months. Several payments is ongoing, all for 2019 election campaign, don’t tell me that Just like 2015 campaign, the campaign will be funded by associates, which associates? whose money, monies from the 2015 associate whoare all ministers? just like in the case of metuh and co, the table will turn and some people will tell us another tale of persecution, they will tell us corruption fought back, I doubt corruption will fight its own chi.

They are already popping champagne for 2019 and it is with our money, NNPC is bleeding, NIA has bled through Ikoyigate already, Abacha loots refund has been relocated to campaign purse and few Trader moni. We are the pawn.

Before I end, let me tell you I will queue behind Atiku, even if he was a devil we know. He is a devil that has repented. I won’t vote for a scamming saint.