2019 Election: The Messiahs Or We Wait For Another Four Years -By Oladeji Olaniyan

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“Are you the Messiah to come or we look for another?” a terrifying and mind-blogging question was poised by a saints in the Holy Bible. This question although may seems harmless but many are of the opinion that the saint who asked such question was trying to caste doubt on the genuineness of the saviour. Well, Humans are abound to doubt when things seem dreary and their expectations seem not to be met yet.

Nigeria as a country is at a precarious situation. The intense pressure in the atmosphere precipitated by clamour for a better haven as a country can be felt even by a cold blooded human. The current state of things are sources of pain and agony for the citizenry. Although, some citizens are satisfied with the current situation with the mindset and optimistic perception that when one’s fortune is about to witness a turnaround the likelihood of things getting worse before getting better is non-negotiable. The analogy that Rome was not built in a day is another noteworthy alibi put forward by the optimists.

The country truly is dire need of a messiah to redeem her from the current quagmire. A replica of the unsavoury situation that built up to the 2015 election which gave birth to the then adjudged messiah is also conspicuously obtainable now, if not worse off as the 2019 election build up.

The vehement search for a messiah by Nigerians is not too much of a cause to embark upon for a country like Nigeria. The numerous adverse circumstances which circumvent the country and have all played an Inexpungible role in contributing to the precarious and beleaguered state of the country.

The economy downturn experienced in the last three and half years cannot be over emphasised. The common man on the street have their fair share of it, the market men and women have a story or two to tell even the richest black Man is not exempted. Almost every Tom, dick and Harry have a their share of it. The consistently consistent depletion of the Naira against the Dollar has been a routine occurrence in the stock market.

The incessant killings of innocuous citizens of the country which have led to the loved ones, lost of properties and means of livelihood have characterized a significant portion of the country, places such as Benue, Plateau kaduna and the likes. The astronomical increase in the unemployment rate in the country is another factor which makes it of utmost necessity for the citizenry to demand for a messiah. In the last couple of years millions of citizens have been bereaved of their jobs in addition to the alarming unemployment rate in the country. If this trend is not curtailed, it may hamper the country’s development and ultimately propel crime rate in the society.

International report starting that the country is officially the headquarters of poverty in the world can not be sidelined. And also, dearth of tangible infrastructural and human capital development in the country. All these afore stated factors and many more are the reasons the country is in desperate need of a messiah to salvage the palpable situation of events in the country.

Alas, 2019 election is here, it is another avenue for the dissatisfied citizens to rethink their future and bestow their confidence, their electoral power and mandate on the apposite person they deemed worthy to lead them for the next four years, not only leading as the number citizen of the country but one that would not betray their trust and build an enviable and enabling environment that empower individuals to thrive in their chosen endeavors and ventures. Not one that would exalt a section of the country at the detriment of others.

The 2019 elections especially the presidential election, have witnessed an ample number of well meaning citizens showing their interest and hunger to ensure the country’s misfortune is turn around. Many have tender their candidature for the number seat in the country. All positioning their selves as the next messiah to the lead the country out of the quagmire. The pretenders among them have been disintegrated from the real contenders. I save their names for some other time.

President Buhari’s “next level”
Notable among the purported messiahs in the 2019 race for the number of seat of the country are the incumbent president, Muhammadu Buhari from the ruling party, APC. Their “next level” campaign mantra seems to be acceptable and pleasant to the ears but their achievements in the last three years is a total betrayal of the mantra. Some have taunted it to be “Next Level” of pains, impunity, marginalisation, failed promises,killings of innocuous citizens, penury and recession. Be that has it may, it is left to be seen if their current campaign mantra would swing the heart of the electorate to their side. Although his campaigns has been marred by self inflicted issues that have made clear headed Nigerians doubt the mental capability of the president to lead the country for another four years coupled with his overt health conditions.

Former vice president Atiku Abubakar’s “make Nigeria work again”
Another messiah Nigerians are craving for now is the people’s democratic party candidate, former vice president of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar. The former vice president known for his economic acumen and prowess to create employment. Which is one of the major factors endearing people to him. But being a former vice president his antecedent speaks volume of him. Many people still have an iota of fear that the tendency of him emptying the country’s treasury can not be put aside.which has been a vocal point held tightly by the ruling party against him but his vice Peter Obi offers some substantial hope. Will he be the long sought after messiah to salvage the country? Let’s wait and see.

The rookies in the game; Omoleye Sowore, Prof Moghalu, Fela Durotoye
The “take it back” movement and campaign mantra used by Omoyele Sowore offers a new direction for the country. His campaign mantra seeks to rescue power from the old cabals who have plundeered the common patrimony of the country and have refused to relinquish power. Omoyele popularly known for his consistent unraveling of atrocious activities of those cabals through his media outlet “Sahara reporter”. May of course, have the ability and will to move the country to greater pinnacle but during most of his campaigns and interviews he has failed to lay down the pragmatic template on how he intends to achieve his auspicious for the country. He has mainly banked on the failures of the current and past governments.

Prof Moghalu , a former deputy governor Central Bank of Nigeria. His understanding of the country economy is obvious. He has shown it in his various interviews , debates and campaigns that his experience in the Central Bank gives him more understanding of the country. Though some sceptics still express their fears of whether a man who has benefited from the corrupt system can truly alleviate the country from his sufferings.

“New Nigeria” mantra by Fela Durotoye ,who is another candidate people adjudged to be a messiah. Although his campaigns has not been thoroughly felt by many unlike his counter part but his passion of ensuring a new Nigeria is birthed can not be neglected. His kind of political mindset may not work on the Nigerian electorate due to the despicable state of mind of Nigerians but no doubt he has the interest of Nigeria at heart.

All of these candidates have played their roles of selling their candidature to the electorate as the messiah to salvage the country but unfortunately, the electorate have find a way round the selection of candidates of their choice and the large number of candidates have been streamlined to merely two horses race. It now a race according to Fisayo shoyombo, of choosing between “the Devil and the deep blue sea”. Saturday February 23rd, 2019 beckons, go out and exercise your franchise. Vote and don’t fight. In the words of former president Goodluck Jonathan ” the lives of any citizens do not worth my political ambition”. Your life doesn’t worth the political ambition of any politician. don’t make yourself available for them to use you. Don’t take bribe before you vote. Doing so means you are selling your life for the next four years. Shun violence and vote your conscience.

Oladeji Olaniyan is a student journalist at Obafemi Awolowo University. He can best be reached at [email protected] tweet @oladeji_ymcmb