43 years of living in darkness gone -By Afolabi Wuraola

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Afolabi Wuraola

Afolabi Wuraola


Have you heard… ?

…That on the 31st of May, 2016, at an area known as GB in Ogbomosho, an insane man regained his sanity?

He had been insane for forty three years, since 1973 when he was a youth.

Well known by most of the residents in the neighbourhood, this man – prior to his new consciousness -lived stark naked, and the many efforts expended by his family members towards his sanity proved abortive.

But on Tuesday the 31st of May, 2016, when the destined turnaround in his biography became apparent, it was some Muslim clerics from Osogbo town who happened to sight him while they were passing by at GB area. His appearance said it all. But with faith, instinct and trust in Allaah, the clerics decided to seek a cure for him from Allaah SubhaanaHu wa ta’aalaa.

After much efforts pursuing this insane man, the clerics grabbed him at last, reciting upon him thereafter Sooratul-Faatihah and Aayatul-Kursiyy.

And you know what?

That was it!

This man was cured by Allaah’s will from a four-decades old madness.

Asked what his name was, he was able to reply – “Joseph”.

Joseph was his name, and Christianity his religion.

The Muslim clerics gave him a nice bath, hair shave, and invited him thereafter to islaam, to which he accepted and testified.

GB residents wallowed in joy due to this, with some weeping profusely in amazement,  while others went home to return with various dish kinds, prepared to comfort Joseph and welcome him into a long-concerned community of caring neighbours.

That was some 43 years of madness resuscitated by Allaah’s Rahmah…

And by this I say:

Know that to Allaah alone belongs all might and power

Ask from Him alone.

& Worship Him alone.