52 years of independence: The youths of Nigeria say they are free!

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52 years ago, when the British government released our independent government(Nigeria), they sold it to us as our salvation. Today, we see that we are still paying for that salvation across all generations. Those who ruled us and those who still rule us are yet to awake to the true reality that we the Nigerian youths are slaves to them as they are slaves to the British government, and other top world countries who tapped from the leadership tree. And the ultimate truth that the Nigerian youths wants out.

They left Nigeria in the hands of major heads of independent and dependent corporations within the country whom none see in power but controls all that have been in power. These powerful individuals and groups, they control. Over the years, those who grew too old to commandeer national affairs pass their rights of ownership and leadership to their children for a continuation on their accounts. Through these people, they determine what Nigeria should or should not have. They say how long it will take for something to be established and, whether or not they still want us to live together as an indivisible entity or as a separate chromosomes.

You say you are free, you point to your constitution, your bill of rights. What constitution and what rights? You were born into crushing death, to parents without hope, and your only right is to work for the government that works for another government until you pay it all. You said it never happened, because most things you need they provide. The shelter, the food, the water, and it all sent you deeper into modern slavery without rope or chain tied to your necks. Through the use of their local instruments they turn you against one another, Muslims against Christians and the Christians against Atheists. They tell you that you need to change yourself first before the government that rules will be able to change the system for a better society, they operate you like default buttons and you respond. They impose their least skilled personnel to your supposed country to take over the positions you deserve as graduates, you sit back and say the future is bright, that you are the future leaders of tomorrow. What tomorrow? Will there be a future for you if there is no tomorrow, or if your tomorrow has already been sold out to the highest bidder?

But all that can change, we have the power to free ourselves, to take back what we have lost all these years, our true independence. To free our very souls and take back our liberty. No one is asking you to go around carrying guns and weapons to do this, if i don’t know enough i know this, that Nigerian youths are the smartest, most intelligent and industrious people on the surface of this earth. People who can turn every worst situation to tangible success are people whom the world depend on and, Nigerians are those kind of people, you are those kind of people. So many years have gone by, refuse to be held back anymore by your leaders. Don’t expect your future to be handed over to you, you have to take it.

Today, you can change that situation your leaders, those installed groups of powerful persons have put in. Redefine your destiny. Let the world go forth from this time and place for a new generation, your century. The debt for the so-called salvation has been paid 52 times, its time we liberate ourselves.