A girl found masturbating after making love to a Lebanese.

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Who do you blame in a society where almost anything goes? The government, parents or the children who are victims to the resultant effect of the bad society? Time without number, social workers have been advised, cautioned and even arrested to keep them safe from harming themselves and by extension others. The implication of sleeping around with different people, people you’ve never met in your life, has its repercussion. at times, deadly repercussions.

Yesterday, a young lady of about 25 years old was found on a major road in the city of Lagos, masturbating. The story making round was that according to her, she slept with a Lebanese man few hours before whatever it was, took control of her.

When this information and the picture was brought to my table, i couldn’t look at it twice due to its disgusting sight. The pride of a woman is in the gift of her body (COVERED body), this picture totally flings out such pride.

We understand that the society is not rosy, that there are limited jobs to go round, that people are suffering daily in order to get a living, but is that enough reason to take up a very dangerous trade? I am strongly advising ladies who are in this business of prostitution to seek an alternative method of livelihood. This period is a dangerous one. If this could happen to someone in your trade line,then it could happen to you.

Learn from this!!!



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  1. pls ladies moni is every tin ,

    Jeremiah Egenonu
    February 11, 2014 at 3:14 pm

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