A fainted bride-to-be and a runaway groom-to-be

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I have never actually thought this through until now, i mean, what I’d do if such happens to me. I have imagined things from different perspectives before but this particular one never crossed my mind. I mean, what would you do when on your wedding day the Pastor ask if there is anyone who has anything whatsoever to say before both you and your partner be joined together as man and woman, and someone from the background jumps up and begins to match up to the podium? Will you faint, freeze, wait to hear what the person has to say, or would you run away?

Wonders they say shall never end. A comic drama took place last weekend in a Redeemed Christian Church of God. During a wedding ceremony, the Pastor popped up the usual question, whether or not anyone has any objection before joining both partners together. A man got up from his seat, began walking towards the stage, and guess what happened, the bride-to-be fainted and the groom-to-be ran off the stage. At the end of the day, it was found out that the man who walked up the stage was only there to report to the Pastor that the ushers where hitting him with tray on the head when they walk by him.

I am of the opinion that the fainted bride baked a very tasteless and awful cake for the public. Its either she’s had too many complicated affairs that led to series of aborted pregnancies and never told the man who was about to marry her, or some other hidden stuff. How about the run away groom? What is his story? Why did he run away? What was he avoiding?

What would you have done if it were to be you?