A few thoughts on General Buhari’s return -By Sesugh Akume

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President Muhammadu Buhari upon arrival


I have no doubts that this was hurriedly put together. First, reports from London said he was fine but was awaiting his doctor’s advice before determining when to return. Next, his return date was announced, with no update on what his doctors said.

On return, the media is reporting that he’s still not so well and needs to be home. The official presidency response is that his office needs to be renovated. Meaning that he locked it and took the keys to London and just returned with them? If his return were properly organised and arranged for, his office ought to have been ready, going by their narrative. Not for the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to have no official office to resume to because ‘renovations’ are going on. They even said rats ‘devastated’ the place. The sort of humiliation this presidency and its spokesmen is bringing on Nigeria is beyond imaginable!

Next, the presidency confirms that he isn’t so well so may be needing to go back to his London base sooner or later, we should be prepared for this.

Finally, his wishy washy broadcast which in my opinion is subpar even by Buhari’s standards, which is said to have been prerecorded to avoid any eventualities during a live broadcast, was an improper and illegal one. At the time of the broadcast he was still on leave and hadn’t written to the National Assembly to resume duty. The presidency confirmed after the broadcast that the letter to NASS was to be transmitted later.

You know you’re in the soup as a people when the presidency lies continually, consistently, and humiliates you with foolish talk; and the president himself is the leading lawbreaker.