A general review of the MTN network in Nigeria

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Statistically speaking, in terms of revenue generation and comparison to other network operators in the country, MTN Nigeria is one network that has made its mark in the Nigerian market. For many who don’t know, MTN is a South African company. They came into Nigeria on May 16, 2001 but was launched in August of the same year. It was the first GSM network to make calls after the globally lauded GSM auction was conducted by the Nigerian Communications Commission. Since then, there soar has known no bounds. They have establish and covered there grounds here in Nigeria. Created more and competitive packages than any other network operators within the country. Turned there network into an excalibur, and have managed not just to stay atop but also scale through all rules and regulations of the monitoring body, the NCC. MTN Nigeria believe on the principle of having a good plan A so that they don’t have to seek for plan B.

The Nigerian government and its people right from the initial stage, have provided MTN Nigeria with true cooperations, opened up the market for them, subscribed to their network with high loyalty and lots more. Few months ago they celebrated there 10 years anniversary. Ten (10) years of ending flow of income into there accounts which they send back to there home country, 10 years of successive cheating on Nigeria and Nigerians, 10 years of providing epileptic network services to the Nigerian people despite there loyalty, 10 years of not contributing tangibly to the development of the country they make there money from etc.

Over the years, Nigerians have complained bitterly to the responsible authorities like the Nigerian Communications Commission, the Consumer Protection Council etc., about the poor network services provided them by MTN but they kept saying no one has come up with prove of poor network.

If MTN Nigeria were to be judged on the metrics of network availability (including all coverage areas), network quality (call success rate, call clarity etc), data quality, customer services, corporate social responsibility, tariff, and products, then myself alone might not be able to realistically do justice to that. I will allow you to decide by voting. This vote could be the prove the regulatory body needs to work with, vote right:

Considering the metrics: network availability, network quality, data quality, customer services, corporate social responsility, tariff & products. Do you think MTN have done well in Nigeria?

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