A justified Peek into the minds of the Chibok Girls (Part 1) -by Edith Jeff-Okoroafor

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A justified Peek into the minds of the Chibok Girls (Part 1) -by Edith Jeff-Okoroafor

Kauna whispered, “Asabe, do you think they have forgotten us?” Asabe shrugged, wondering what answer would be most soothing. “Kauna”, she finally responded, “They have not forgotten us. It is not possible.” Even in the thickness of the night, Asabe could literally see her kid sister’s doubts. Kauna asked again, “You remember what Baba used to say about Nigeria? “Nigeria, sai Allah” (Nigeria’s fate is in God’s hands.) I think they have, gaskiya! (truly). “Haba Kauna”, retorted Asabe while patting her sister’s head, “Didn’t Pastor Yerima teach us that God never forgets his own?” So kanuwa, (kid sister) let us choose to be positive. Ai, it is better ko?” Kauna nodded and calmly laid close to her big sister who was now lying down. Then in a more audible tone, partly out of anger over the possibility of being forgotten and in near tears, Kauna said, “God will deliver us from these evil me-“

”Kai!” came a husky voice. “Who dey talk po there?” Shuru and ‘sileep’!”


Asabe quickly cupped her palm over her kid sister’s mouth. She was all she’s got so far and Mama and Baba instilled the care of Kauna into her right from childhood. The name “Kauna” means love and even in distress, she still owed it to her. It hurt Asabe greatly that her baby sister who is four years younger, is already being subjected to these horrible experiences. As the big sister, she had learnt to endure all things- thanks to Baba. But Kauna? At 13? She was just as tender as her name.

“No! Kauna is strictly my responsibility” she thought to herself. She had grown to love and protect her at all times. She recalled the day Danliti and his friends attempted molesting Kauna and a forced smile appeared on her face as she remembered giving them the beating of their lives. “Nobody messes with my kid sister”, she warned… That was then. In this case, she feared for their lives. After escaping death by sheer ‘cruel mercy’ for ‘attempting to defend her sister, she knew to be silent. But one of the ‘evil men’ actually manhandled Kauna. Was she to feign blindness? Here comes a time to say, ‘thank God’. For sure, only the living can offer protection, yes?

At this time, one of ‘the evil men’ growled in his sleep…something about the money meant for their upkeep. This one had an altercation with the Commander earlier in the day, about how the money was spent unwisely (as expected.)

Asabe bit her lower lip, now dry and sore. If only she had all the power in the world, death would have been too good a sentence for these ones. She couldn’t dare fight back. The last attempt pointed a gun at her but for the timely intervention of the Commander who made her ‘his favourite’.

Of all the girls, she was the most attractive; effortlessly beautiful, light skinned with tender straight legs and a budding curve that revealed itself even in her new but annoying attire, ‘the hijab’. The Commander had told her to ‘behave’ and gave her the rare liberty of caring for her little sister. She could be with her whenever she manages to be “off duty”. This was one of those nights in every twenty-five to thirty days or so. She’s intelligent and smart enough to note dates by taking a glance at the Commander’s phone since they were almost always together; and yes it is October first! Hot tears streamed down her eyes at this saddening and sudden reality. Where was the freedom?

Looking at Kauna now who was lying fast asleep beside her, she understood immediately that it was the spirit of Nigeria, calling out to her young soul. Who says blood is not thicker than zobo? It felt nearly peaceful that Kauna was still with her- in one piece. This was only their fourth night together since she became the Commander’s full time ‘favourite’. Right now, he was ‘discussing’ (as he would call it) with Hannatu.

Here are Asabe’s thoughts this special day:

Tomorrow will be her turn to prepare tuwon hatsi for Ali and his group.

Sani already dumped his laundry with her to be done tomorrow latest.

The Commander will have her back “on duty” tonight.

On Commander’s table is a pending request for her ‘service’ by his second.

Worst of all, she won’t be seeing Kauna till…

Well, thanks to our Leaders, what a ‘bountiful’ gift for our girls to remember on this great day.

We should be singing sorrowful songs and not jubilating; for a day like this lacks its true essence without our Girls.

Please, Bring Back Our Girls!