A Letter To Fellow Males -By Famakinde O. Michael Esq

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There is a subject about which I have been bothered for years and consequently have been looking for answers. This subject was freshly aroused in me yesterday, courtesy of the discussion engaged in by some people around.

A neighbour (male) and his friends were discussing females and I noticed none of them had a good impression whatsoever of females. They were all speaking ill of females. At first, I decided to feign deaf at their line of discussion, disgusting as it was. However, it got to a point where I could no longer contain the disgust in their discussion, neither could I bring myself to just walk away. I needed to talk to them, and I did. As grown as they all are, their mentalities are shallow. I was forced to ask one of them if he has a mother and he answered Yes… I wondered how someone who has a mother found it entertaining and soothing to speak ill of someone else’s mother or mother to-be. I also demanded to know what makes us males better than the females, they had no reasonable significant answer. Then, I told them the truth which most of us (males) know but don’t like to accept. I told them we are no different from or better than the opposite sex.

Females are promiscuous, worthless, cheap, voracious and avaricious. They are whores bla bla bla. I said we males also have these beautiful qualities above. Worst of all, they were generalizing it, well, I didn’t care about that, I just detest those comments of theirs. As much as I do not approve of extreme feminists like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, I do not believe there is a clear-cut male superiority over the females.

The question of whether a wife-to-be is a virgin was (and maybe is still) a very important one in this part of the world. My question is; how many people care whether the husband-to-be is equally a virgin or not? What law grants a man the right to be promiscuous, and condemns a woman doing the same as a whore?

This reverie- male complete superiority over female is traceable to the far past, and if there is still a man who counts and leans on it in this century, such a man has a very shallow mentality. Stop blaming the females of promiscuity while you painting males’ promiscuity as manliness! Before you will call another person dirty, make sure you are clean yourself!

To the females, this is all a question of dignity and self-respect. If you care about any of these, then, be careful in your dealings; not because of any misguided beliefs of the society but for your own sake.


Famakinde O. Michael Esq