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The rattling noise produced when snoring is quite irritating and disturbing. The act of breathing noisily during one’s sleep is mostly expected from some category of people, the fat ones with pot belly and this days even slim-fit are into the snoring business, for the slim ones the problem could be their sleeping position at the time, while for some it could be tiredness after a long day of hustling and bustling in the ever challenging environment.

A 45 year old man is about to lose his nine years of blissful marriage with three kids, after he was reported to Yaba Police station some where in Lagos state, Nigeria, by his wife Mrs Folake Adetoye. Speaking with IPO of the case he said “Mrs Adetoye came in to report that her home has turned into a fighting park, that people in the compounds are complaining serious about her husbands incessant snoring, which of course she has tried to caution him and it always turn out to be a big fighting competition in the house, in one of several occasions she was sent to a coma state by her husband”.

A neighbor who plead to be anonymous said “every time, is one fight or another and each time we try to stop them from fighting and ask what the problem was, the wife said is about the man snoring in the house, which is funny abi, people dey snore na”. With the whole issue being escalated, we can only conclude that this marriage is heading for the rock.

OpinionNigeria gathered that Mr Adetoye has been arraigned in court for the purported crime of snoring in one of Lagos state magistrate court, where the case was judged and Mr Adetoye was found guilty of snoring and wife battering, and was sentenced to two months imprisonment with parole (promise of good behavior) and a condition of seeing a doctor or therapist to treat his snoring addiction.

Wonders they shall never end, so men and women who are into snoring, I advice you to look for a solution because you never know.