A rule book for what you can or cannot do on RADIO.

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Which of these two environments do you think that people will be more productive in, a controlled environment with rules and regulations, or an environment where everyone is allowed to thrive based on their own rules and regulations?

My decision to present and address this topical issue is based on a recent approach by some individuals from the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC). Over the years, not just in Nigeria alone, in most countries of the world, there are rules that guides how journalist as well as broadcasters should operate be it on radio or the television. However, in as much as most journalist and broadcasters as well have been fighting their way out for what most of them call “caging the public voice”, the wave has not moved their direction.

Well, one good thing for me is that am not a public servant but a private citizen and since we operate a democratic system of government, I have the full right to state my fundamental opinion on this issue, and so do you too. I very much agree that there should be rules and regulations guiding certain professions. Rules that controls what you can or cannot say on radio or television, but also rules that are flexible and give enough room for creativity. You can’t just be doing things the same way over and over again; there should be dynamism and style. It is okay for some journalist or radio/television broadcasters to want to remain where they are, doing repeatedly the same thing over and over again, but it’s not okay to cage those of them that wants to be creative and dynamic in their profession.

When it comes to journalists as well as broadcasters, the government set aside a special rule that constraints them so much so that they can’t say things exactly the way they see it. The government does something bad, a journalist/broadcasters makes it public and they are in trouble. Either they are fined by the regulating body or they are hunted down like animals and killed. This is not what we want. We want to see style added to the character. We want to see sparks as combination of the entire make-up with little or self applied rules to support the principles of true journalism or broadcasting as the case maybe.

Having said that, here is my theory on the issue at hand, if the journalists as well as broadcasters we have in our midst are not allowed to self apply rules that reshapes the world of news reporting, then some of them might be forced to drum off  the force and impose their own brand which might be complicating for the government but interesting for the public.

In conclusion, the rule and regulation book should be changed to accommodate our diverse and every day changing world. What is your opinion on this issue?



3 Responses to A rule book for what you can or cannot do on RADIO.

  1. Its not fair to have a rule book on public opinion.What is said on the radio is free of speech.

    Aishatu Usman Dorayi
    June 4, 2013 at 7:24 am

  2. The Bible says, and I believe, we should be grateful to GOD in all situations. Not quite long ago, the Nigerian media space operated under obnoxious Decrees No.02 and 04 of the Military dictatorship. Some of those who constrained the media space are today gallivanting as champions of Democracy. With this background, I strongly believe Nigerians shall overcome. But for me, Ordinary Ahmad Issah has given our Democratic experience a VERY godly look. You may say anything pleasing to you, Oga. God deh!

    Nzo Ama
    June 4, 2013 at 8:01 am

  3. Get the once that are ready to be creative and dynamic in their profession ( journalist/broadcasters) discuss with them and know if they are ready to add styles in their character.

    Augustine Denis
    June 4, 2013 at 8:25 am