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Politics is a game of interest (NO PERMANENT ENEMIES BUT PERMANENT INTERESTS). It is true that every human being is a political animal, so you don’t need to be surprised that politics is not left for political scientists alone. Politics is an inherent part of the human community which makes coexistence possible. It follows, therefore, that without human communities’ politics would have no existence.

Dishearteningly, present day politicians are seen as dishonest people in this part of the world, because of the self-serving politics they play. This, to a large extent, has hampered democratic (political) best practices. Currently about 85% of politicians indulge in self-serving politics across the entire Nigerian political LANDSCAPE, with little or no thought to the corporate existence and future of the country. This deep-rooted menace is slowly but surely tearing the polity apart and if not properly tamed the country would eventually suffer the worst damage. Evidence of this abounds today from the security challenges – a direct product of overriding personal interest which is wholly blinding in nature since it is borne out of avarice, self-centeredness and pharisaism with utter disregard to the well-being of the nation.

Figuratively you may say, yes! Avarice and self-centeredness has gained you political fame and wealth, but how well-off is your country? What future for the children and those yet unborn? This you very well know, that if those before you behaved the way you did, with impunity and without recourse to the community, today there would neither be the community nor politics or the leadership you enjoy. If then politics is all about yesterday, today and tomorrow, then it will be proper to draw references from past leadership in order to shape our today for a better tomorrow. This and only this would guarantee the peoples’ welfare and the sustenance of their communities. If best practice represents delivery of the good to the people and their communities, then politics without doubt is a worthy vocation.

And so the march to emancipation through political freedom is a stride in the right direction. Like the law of nature relying on principles of due process and truth, so also it is convenient to say that politics without due process and truth begets wrangling and confusion. At this juncture therefore, it will be right for me to recall my last pamphlet titled PDP CHAIR: ELECTION, SELECTION OR ANOINTMENT. Our experience today of the PDP is in the affirmative credit to this Pamphlet. In the glaring watch of all, due process was lucidly tampered with due to overriding personal interest, whereas democracy is all about overwhelming people’s choice. This was a harbinger of the current leadership impasse.