About Us

Opinion Nigeria is a practical online community where both local and international authors through their opinion pieces, address today’s topical issues. In Opinion Nigeria, we believe in the right to freedom of opinion and expression. We believe that people should be free to express their opinion without interference from anyone especially the government.



Jeff is the founder and CEO of SetFron Limited, a multimedia development company that is focused on creative and results-driven solutions. Jeff also co-founded African Youths Advancement and Support Initiative (AfriYasi), a non-governmental not-for-profit organisation that provides tertiary education scholarship for young people from low- income homes in Nigeria. In a bid to expand the social contract between the people and government, Jeff founded Opinion Nigeria, a citizen’s right group with an online presence where opinion pieces on topical national issues are received and published, amplifying the voices of the people. Jeff has been profiled by local and international media and has received several awards for his work. Based in Abuja, Nigeria, Jeff is a Fellow of the Young African Leaders Initiative and the United Nations World Summit Awards. He is a member of the National Technical Committee on the Establishment and Management of Missing Persons Database in Nigeria, and he holds a Bachelor and Postgraduate diploma degrees in Computer Science and a Certification in Public Policy from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, GIMPA.