Abuja Environmental Protection Board need to change their TOUTS for National Security sake!

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When those responsible for making laws and/or policies fail to do the underground works before making, implementing and enforcing the law, the resultant effects is inhuman treatment which may turn into chaos. Not once, and not twice has Nigerians in the federal capital city complained of the actions of the Abuja Environmental Protection Board operatives. I have been a personal witness to their callous and reckless attitudes towards business men and women in the city of Abuja. With all the reports made to the appropriate authorities, nothing has happened and nothing is happening. My question is, is it until they kill someone that the government will swing into action to stem the abnormally?

No one is advocating for the littering of streets and avenues in Abuja or any other place for that matter. I am not saying they should be allowed to cluster the major ways meant for cars and other form of automobiles, but the government who instituted such a law that makes them appear more like a dangerously targeted animals than human, without thinking out an alternative for them to do their business are the cause of the whole embarrassment and humiliation.

As much as Nigerians some times need force to comply to certain laws, we need more intelligent and articulated persons to carry out such functions not touts whose daily food is alcohol and marijuana. There are graduates who can apply their education, civility and wit to properly execute and enforce same law without having to naked anyone. But they won’t employ these class of people as they feel their monthly remuneration will be higher than that  of the street urchins they put on their payroll.

The reality of this issue is this, if they don’t call back their uneducated and untamed dogs, sooner or later, the people will turn around to hunt them and then, the nation will not be at ease.