Addressing Mallam Nasir El-Rufai’s sycophancy and unpalatable statements

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Due to the fragile state of the nation today, individuals including government bodies are been mindful of what they say or do. However, I have observed that individuals and groups who careless of the state of the nation and say whatever they feel like not minding the repercussion are Northern leaders.

Democracy allows us the freedom of speech but not the freedom of ignorance, negative incitements and trouble making. Over time, I have read El-Rufai’s estupido statements, negative and unimpactable comments about President Jonathan’s administration. His recent strategies has been the use of popular social networks like twitter, facebook etc to post unpalatable articles about the said administration. It is obvious that El-Rufai’s agenda is to discredit President Jonathan’s administration by generating a series of already existing national challenges caused by El-Rufai’s own people. If El-Rufai’s administration as the former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory is to be analyzed and polled, I don’t think he stand a chance of better ratings.

There are questionables during El-Rufai’s rain as FCT Minister. Things that today still rocks the nation. Most of the things El-Rufai speak of today are things he neglected while in office, so why is he saying it now that he no longer holds any public title, is it to get favour from the public? Why won’t he call Jonathan weak when he(El-Rufai) still breeze the air of freedom with no law enforcement agencies breathing down his neck every now and then. If El-Rufai and other Northern leaders are sincere, responsible and want the best for the country, they will stop heating up the already heated atmosphere and call the Boko Haram people to order. People don’t get to be judged by the number of properties they can destroy but by the number of properties they can build. North is already suffering from the long time neglect by her leaders, the constant bombing and destruction of properties will make it very difficult for her to bounce back.

President Goodluck Jonathan is not been defended by this piece neither is his slowness to security situation in the country backed, but El-Rufai and other Northern leaders are definitely not qualified to address his personality or his administration.

There is a purpose for which everyone is created, let yours El-Rufai be the doing of all good deeds. Its never too late.