Africa Dynasty And The Revolution Of The Togolese.

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A little over nine hours ago, heavy protest broke out in Togo. The protesters calling for term limits that would bar President Faure Gnassingbe from running for a third term in office. Togo troops in riot gear approached protesters in the capital city of Lome, Togo, during clashes with protesters calling for the president to withdraw from a presidential vote in March 2015. The engagement turned into bloodbath as lives were lost, buildings and cars were set ablaze.

It is within your rights of “speech freedom” to call what’s currently happening in Togo, a political bullshit. But i will tell you right now, that you are going to be making the biggest mistake of this century if you think so, and underestimating how bad it can get and how influencing it can be for some people even in Nigeria, as well as other African countries. There are people who up till now, have no clue of what’s happening in Africa, the change that young Africans want and the revolution they are ready to push for.

Togo Conflict

One thing must be clear, Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé was never the peoples choice for President, he was forced on them by the military immediately after the death of his father who was then the President. Since February 2005, Faure has been the President of Togo and recently, made a move that indicates he has the intention of coming out for 2015.

A majority of the leaders in Africa want to lead forever and the problem is that they are not leading well. Togolese for far too long have sat on their rights, never made a single move to break the extended chain of dynasty, it is my hope that Africa will rise and shake off its lethargy, for therein lies hope.