Africa may never rise if…

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A friend of mine last week wrote me on facebook and suggested that i start writing more of good things about Africa and African leaders in order to promote a good image of where i come from, which  indirectly, will mean promoting myself positively. Now, i am going to peg the suggestion as “bad”, but the thing is, why would i want to be part of a conspiracy and injustice just to prove to the world that am proud of my origin?

I am not entirely sure if you and i are on the same page as regards to this particular issue. The world as i see it today is really sick. The conflicts in it trails the lines of racial, political and religious settings resulting in civil disobedience, violence and injustice. Africa, like European nations as well as the Americas, as an entity has no problem, but the people who are in charge of the day-to-day affairs of these entities are the problems.

Individuals and groups have lived their entire life trying to protect the face of their countries, through lies and other formative tactics they manufactured. But to what end? So that the wrong in it will go on? Or so that negativity can thrive?

About 10 to 15 years ago, Brazil was in the same place as Nigeria and some other African countries, but it took a willed President to turn things around. A visioned president who came up and say they can’t continue to live like that. He closed up all their borders and said to his compatriots that whatever they don’t produce, they don’t need. The rich and the poor never complained, they backed him up and today, country that colonized Brazil comes to ask them for loan. That, is the type of developmental stride you give commendations to. That, is the kind of President you want to write and talk about.

Africa may never rise if rule of law is not complied to, if human rights are continuously violated, if good governance are no where to be found in the dictionary of the leaders.

I am imploring our leaders to do what is right in order to transform Africa.