Africans Must Stop Insulting Africa

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Nigeria and Congo


The saying that Africa is fifty (50) solid years behind, when it comes to almost everything, may hold more water than many of us who argue it think. From Information and Communication Technology to Travels and Tourims, to Healthcare, Education, Economy and even to Sports, Africa is way back than most European or Western nations. First, it is not that Africa is cursed, or lack the resources to make all of these things happen. It is also not that Africa lack the manpower and intelligence to make any of these things happen. But the problem has always been, in my own opinion, the unwillingness and inability of those who lead in Africa, to harness the solid pool of talents and resources in the continent, to make it better, robust and secure, both for them, and the people within.

Like in the United States of America, the African-American get upset when the Whites call them "Nigga", but they go on calling themselves the same "Nigga" they detest, thereby encouraging the sustainance of the word and also reminding the Whites that "it is okay to call us that once in a while". Africans hate it when those from other continents try to show them superiority. They hate it when they are called "disease people or monkeys", but surprising enough, they call it to their brothers, maybe out of sentiments or Nation-to-Nation rivalry. Whatever you say to anyone after using the line(s) or word(s) you detest, encourages that person from holding onto it until the day its needed.

Yesterday, the 15th of November, 2014, featured the football match between Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The match was nothing short of total hostility in the side of the Congolese, and a huge mockery to the people of Africa as a whole. Right now, the world football governing body, FIFA, is thinking of what punishment will be best suited for the country, because of their uncivilized and unprofessional outing yesterday.

Before the 59th minute of play, exact time Ikechukwu Uche netted the penalty kick, the Congolese fans had already began the parade of their mischieve and inadequate but supportive characterisation. Out of 12,500 Super Eagles fans that came to watch the match, only 200 was let in to the stadium, while 26,450 Congolese fans were allowed in, and arranged in the front role of the very few Nigerian fans. They were throwing sachets of purewater on the Nigerian players, distracting them by shouting "Ebola" anytime a Super Eagles player is with the ball. The hostility grew worst when Nigeria's goalkeeper, the one they call "The Magnificent Enyeama", saved a penalty kick taken by Thievy Bifouma of Congo, the next he felt was a sachet of purewater, filled with human urine, landed on his face. Whatever the case may be, whatever Nigeria as a country may have done to Congo, whatever it is that they have needed by all means, it is not enough for them to have treated Nigerians the way they did and FIFA must not be light with their intended punishment.

The reality remains that Africa cannot continue this way. We cannot continue to be the ones giving ourselves the bad names that accompany us outside the shores of this continent. If other people don't love us enough, we must endeavour to love ourselves in sincerity and fairness. Unless we do this, we are yet to take part in the arc of civilization.