An Epoch of Nigeria Federalism -By Kareem Itunu Azeez

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The struggles we pass through, didn’t start today.

Did you know, that there was once a time in Nigeria , when things weren’t all rosy, but there was an acknowledgement of a life beyond average.

During this time, resources were controlled by the regions and monarchical lords. Although, there was stil dissatisfaction among clans, but majority still lived above average.
It is true that the Europeans underdeveloped us, but the greater truth is, we Nigerians under developed ourselves, through the greedy hands of corruption and self centeredness among those who were the lucky few to gain political power in its childhood, they call themselves the NATIONALIST.

The nationalist were those who I will allocate all my disappointment levels to, our former monarchs, who couldn’t take us back to who we use to be, and how we deal with exchange through the barter system, but were overpowered by their insatiable thirst for power, they moved around blowing sirens of hardship, they continue to live the way the Whiteman was living, and they stranded us, with weapons of hunger, who will raise a hand when the stomach is empty? They called themselves the nationalist, but it got to a time, our fathers were asking, when will this independence ever end?, as par the hardship they were passing through. In reference to today something known but unusual was what they were waking.

Through times, one should understand several revolutions and overthrows has taken place, but there are notable few that shook men, and this was what paved way for the success of the many nations who experienced these difficult times, many people should know the man called, Mac Donald, he might have written history with just a baked bread, simply due to the arrival of McDonald’s in Moscow was a small but certain sign that change was on the horizon.

In fact, in less than two years later, the Soviet Union ceased to exist as a nation, Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as leader of the country, and various Soviet republics proclaimed their independence. As the American newsman reported, the first Russian McDonald’s customers “had seen the future, and it works, at least as far as their digestive tract.”

Nevertheless, we should also know, I haven’t put down the number of casualties, as a result of this great Russian revolution,of 8th March 1917, how the revolution, started we all know, and down here in my hometown, the doors are now ajar for thesame, and sadly enough, the horizon wouldn’t know the innocent nor the victim. A revolution of capitalism in place where only plutocracy seems to be in power.

When one of the few individual I believe is a marxist in person of Associate Professor, Mudashiru, from the faculty of social science, Lagos State University, during a lecture, he said, “The death of Ken Saro Wiwa, has sent parking the activist of this age, because Abacha had achieved two things from his capital punishment, firstly, to serve as deterent to others clamouring for a change, secondly to prove saro wiwa and his cohorts as troublers of shell” how true Dr. Mudashiru was, for today, when a rich girl messes around, they say shes enjoying her life, but when a poor girl does thesame, they call her “Ashawo” which means prostitute.

Nigeria, my country, which seems to be passing through troubled waters right now, and once more calling for a rift revolution breeded by hunger, poverty, and joblessness. I hope the RULERS, understand theres no place to hide, not even the overseas anymore, for when the game finally changes, foreign lands May never suit you all, and hopefully it won’t suit you at all.

Today, it is argued that all we need is ‘Restructuring’, but what is Restructuring, I can tell you firmly this is just FEDERALISM, in its real sense, some others may say true federalism, but I tell you, if there has to be true federalism definitely there must have been a false federalism, and if thats just a fallacy then federalism , is federalism.

One then might agree with me, that all they are clamouring for is just regionalism and self control of resources in Nigeria. But if this eventually becomes a success, how many Nigeria states can actually survive, for we are yet to control our resources. Salaries are being held, how much more, self control of resources.

There is no state around the world like California today, likewise no country like USA, today, based on various margins you might look at it , but in my own perspective, I tell you, this is based on two factors, the system of government being practiced, and because the iron fist of the laws works there , things impossible there in terms of breaking of laws, are what we carry out recklessly here. In refrence to the form of government being practiced, while the United States pay royalties to the government in the central, the Nigerian States depend solely on the government in the center, to control all of its affairs and pay them bursary after each month, the elites would gather at the common table, the elites they call themselves, and little wonder progress is’nt recorded from time immemorial, and perhaps the Europeans left too soon.

California like I say earlier has about a revenue or GDP of almost ten European country put together, understanding how important California is to any US government, the election past between Trump and Hillary Clinton would give a better clue. The victory of the current president almost spark a secession as some notable inhabitants threaten to break away from the United States, California could stand alone as a nation which Ultimately would metamorphosise into a country.

Back to Nigeria, a country with population walking towards a disadvantage, with a population on a geometrical increase of close to 200 million, Africa’s most populous country, but sinking at the center, especially at a time when the world is on a trend anew, technology wise, what would happen to the crude which seems to be a curse upon us, for with it my clansmen have forgotten the meaning of farming, and the hunger in the land won’t be saved by even another MacDonald.

To conclude this observation, going through different places and states of Nigeria, there is only one song even on the lips of those people who have nothing to offer, a bitter truth, is Restructuring, secession, and everyone going their different ways, and if something isn’t done to kill this spirit by all this corrupt leaders sucking the sweat of the masses dry, then a regional disagreement would rise. It would give birth to riot, it will grow into anarchy, this would metamorphosis into a war, and ultimately a revolution, they will likely lose all before their eyes, thats if they are lucky enough to see the end, but one thing for sure, Nigeria might never be reffered to as a country again.

Tragically those countries, which seems to be the way they are today once started this way, and walked towards this route.

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