An Open Letter to Former President, General Mathew Okikiola Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo (GMOAOO) -By Okike Benjamin

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo


It is with heavy heart that I write this open letter to you. I am appealing to you to as an elder statesman give candid advice to the present President, General Mohammadu Buhari (GMB) to answer a clarion call by Nigerians for urgent restructuring of this country. Let it be known to all that this country, Nigeria is greater than any individual, group, region or even political party. The call for restructuring when answered may likely douse the tension in the country and send all agitations by individuals or group to ‘untimely grave’. It is good to speak the truth at all times irrespective of whatever consequence(s) that may follow.

The reasons why I have decided to address this open letter to you is that it seems to me that you are the only one from outside the Northern states that President Mohammadu Buhari may likely listen to for advice. I believe he may listen to you for the following reasons:

First and foremost, you became Head of State (1976-1979) before him (1983-1985). The second reason is that both of you were democratically elected president after dropping your army uniforms. You were there between 1999 -2007 and he started from 2015 till date. The third reason and most importantly is that you were both political prisoners at various times, and as such, can share your prison experiences with one another.

In other words, both of you have so much in common.

When President Buhari’s administration was still ‘young’ in office, I wrote an open letter to him concerning his lopsided appointment, but it seems my letter provoked him. That open letter can be read at:

I believe that during your presidency, you never appointed only those from the South Western states. If you did, I am not sure that the likes of Nuhu Ribadu, Late Professor Dora Akunyili and Madam Due Process in the Person of Oby Ezekwesili would have worked assiduously for the growth of the economy.

I am convinced within me that once restructuring is carried out, all agitations that led to QUIT NOTICE would fissile out.


Your faithfully,

Okike Benjamin
Department of Computer Science
University of Abuja