Analysis: A breakdown of UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal Draw.

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This seasons quarterfinal teams is so strategically set up in a way that no particular team will want to pick out another as preferred choice to play, or boast of winning in the course of both legs. Teams in the quarterfinal of the money spinning Europe premier competition, UEFA champions league, includes; Manchester United, Bayern Munchen, Chelsea, PSG, Athletico Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Borussia Dotmond. Call them the best of the best and you wouldn’t be wrong, they have completely distinguished themselves from the rest of the pack by qualifying from the knock out stage and making it through to the quarterfinal.

It will interest football lovers around the world to know that this set of teams all topped their respective groups during the group stage and also scored a lot of goals en-route to the quarterfinal. All the teams in the quarterfinal has won the champions league over the years except for PSG and Athletico Club De Madrid. What are their chances of progressing to the semifinals? Who will be dumped out of the competition? Lets weigh their chances of progression.

Manchester United vs Bayern Munich:
Bayern and Manchester United knocked out Arsenal FC and Olympiakos respectively to qualify for the quarters. Though Man. United have to come from behind to do against the Greek champions at home. Bayern Munich, a very good side with an outstanding manger, who have continued from where his predecessor stopped after winning the treble last season. They (Bayern) are the defending champions and will be playing the first leg of this encounter at Old Trafford, the Theater of Dreams. The Spaniard have got Bayern playing like the Barcelona team, possession football, building gradually from the back and press high up the pitch to break down opponents. However, Pep Guardiola will appear reckless to underrate the Champions of England, Manchester United. Though it goes without saying how deteriorated Manchester United are this season under David Moyes. Currently running 7th on the league but have had something close to a miraculous campaign in the champions league. Bayern Munich will look forward to this encounter with greater optimism, with hope of progressing without a struggle which may be on the card except Manchester United of Sir Alex turn up on the light. Progressing: Bayern Munich goes through ahead of Man. United.

Barcelona vs Athletico Madrid:
The other half of Madrid have been a revelation this season, matching the big boys of Spanish league toe for toe, even proving to be something close to invisible against Barcelona both home and away and in the Copa De La Ray. The Spanish champions have to rely on an away goal to eliminate Athletico from the Copa De La Ray. The Spanish surprise team of the season defeated AC Milan on both legs to progress to the quarterfinal; well some may say that AC Milan are an ailing side, but they will greet tradition in the tournament while, Barcelona knocked out Manchester City who are still confused on what to do on the biggest stage of football.
Call this game a continuation of Spanish League encounter, or a game of familiar folks playing on a ground they are both familiar with, but experience may be counting against Athletico Madrid in this level, although I see Diego Simione a better manager to Tata Matino of Barcelona. Progressing: Barcelona may nick it in ahead of Athletico Madrid.

Real Madrid vs Borussia Dotmond:
Real Madrid the last Spanish team in the competition are in the best form of their lives at the moment and what can we say about the golden boy of Spanish football, Christiano Ronaldo. He has been banging in goals left, right and center, and currently he is the highest goal scorer in the tournament with 17. The star studded side will be counting on the Portuguese international to continue in his rich vain of form if Madrid are to pilot their way through the coast of Dotmond. One additional thing that is working in favour of the all white team of Spain is the serenity Calos Ancelotti has brought to the side after what look like total calamity by Jose Mourinho and they looked poised to win a La Decima more than ever before. However, Jorgen Klopp will be saying Madrid “don’t scare us” because of the way and manner Dotmond took Madrid to the cleaners last season in the same competition, he will be counting on his depleted side to do another one over Real Madrid, but this is most unlikely. Progressing: Real Madrid to go through ahead of Borussia Dotmond.

PSG vs Chelsea:
Chelsea and PSG took out Galatasaray and Bayern Leverkusen to progress into the quarters. Chelsea being the 2nd English side in the competition, have blown both hot and cold under Mourinho’s 2nd coming to the bridge. Having said that, the self acclaimed “special one” will be counting on his talismanic winger, Hazard to rise to the occasion while also depending on the strong defensive ability of his team. The tactical ability of Mourinho is known to most and he definitely knows how to navigate through a game on individual basis. He will be hoping Zlatan Ibrahimovic does not come to the party on the night, but the question is, when has the big Swedish International not come to the party? If he’s not scoring wonderful goals, he is assisting other players to score. But to burst Chelsea’s bubble, Ibrakatabra isn’t the only one in the star rich team at Parc De princess. Progressing: PSG to progress ahead of the bridge boys, Chelsea.

This is my own analysis, you are very much welcome to make yours!