Anambra 2017: Peter Obi Is A Malignant Narcissist Masquerading As A Saint -By Churchill Okonkwo

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Churchill Okonkwo


This is a memo to the PDP candidate in the Anambra State November governorship election, Oseloka Obaze, and an open letter to all Anambra citizens to be careful in dealing with former governor Peter Obi, a malignant narcissist masquerading as a saint. It is an outpouring of a citizen’s broken heart bubbling over into a kind of restrained anger.

I tried to restrain myself from writing this in order not to be seen to be sabotaging the chances of the fine gentleman Mr. Obaze in the November election, but couldn’t. After recollecting that it is because of the dangerous political ambition of Peter Obi to destroy Victor Umeh and Governor Obiano that my senatorial zone, Anambra Central, is lacking representation in the 8th Senate, I have to raise an alarm that malignant Peter is on a mission to destroy Anambra State.

Using the concepts of psychological science I will shed light on Peter Obi’s “narcissistic personality disorder” exhibited in his preoccupation with unlimited success, grandiose sense of importance, lack of empathy, exploitation and jealousness of others.  I will explain with evidence.

Without taking credit for his mistakes, Peter Obi’s story is always about an instance of personal heroism or an exploit. There was the story of his heroism as a two-shoed messiah with one wrist watch, for 17 years. He has also bragged over and over about how he left billions of Naira, enough to run Anambra State for 20 years only for Governor Obiano to squander the “savings” in 20 days. If Governor Obiano is a failure as Saint Peter Obi wants everyone to believe, then Peter has to accept the sole responsibility for that failure, stop presenting himself as a victim and bow his head in shame.

The reason is simple; it was Saint Peter Obi who foisted Obiano onto Anambra citizens. But out of reactive anger that the governor did not resort to flattery, nor surrender all political appointments just to maintain peace with him, he has vowed to destroy Anambra State just to get even with Governor Obiano and his godfather with long-red-cap, Victor Umeh.

Peter’s argument against Obiano is an indication of self-centeredness. Governance should be less “self” and more “centeredness” on what really matters. For malignant Peter and his personal “property” Anambra State, everything and conversation must be about himself and air of entitlement. He has claimed entitlement and prevented representation for Anambra Central; he destroyed the church in Anambra state; now, he is going for the destruction of Agu Awka.

Peter’s slogan is oney kwulu oto ebutu m ya; so mu bu eze ga akwu oto n’uwa. That is, I will bring down every standing soul in Anambra State; I am the only king that will remain standing. So, sorry Mr. Obaze, your godfather Peter Obi, is a liability and not a blessing. Even though he is soft spoken and hangs out with priests and bishops, he has an unforgiving heart.

It’s heartbreaking that Peter Obi’s quest for political power as a governor destroyed the soul of churches in Anambra State. When Peter Obi brags about spending $7 million, about N2.8 billion secondary schools in Anambra as a governor, he actually meant buying the Anglican and Catholic churches in Anambra State. He meant that he forced the churches in Anambra State to lay down their Bibles and started picking up checks from Agu Awka.

Peter forced the Bishops and priests to take their eyes off Jesus and tune in to Agu Awka. He showed the churches in the state that it is more important to lay down the cross and pick up swords and fight for the face of the powers that be at the state government house. In the process, Mr. Peter Obi succeeded in destroying the heart and soul of the church and its unique witness to the world.

The church was established to serve the world with Christ-like love, not to rule the world. It is not and should not be a religious version of Caesar. But Peter Obi as a governor anchored his administration on church schism. As a result, the churches in Anambra State that are meant to manifest the kingdom of the cross are now manifesting the kingdom of the sword thanks to Peter Obi.  It’s true that the church should have a political voice, but it should be in such a way as Jesus had it: by manifesting an alternative to the political, “power over,” way of doing things.

Governor Obiano and Peter Obi’s destructive action of using the church to turn on each other is destroying the very soul of the church. By manipulating the bishops and priests to dump Governor Obiano in favor of Obaze, Peter Obi is burning whatever is left of the very soul of the church he has already destroyed. The reality is that the intensity of the conflict between priests and bishops is escalating as we get closer to the 2017 governorship election.

Here are some important things Peter should know: Unity in the body of Christ isn’t something to be taken lightly. Peter, the existence of the church in Anambra State is not meant to keep you happy. The church exists to glorify God and should not be about you or your chosen candidate governing Anambra or representing Anambra Central Senatorial zone. Peter, your unforgiving spirit is poisoning the soul and the body of Christ. The church is, by nature, a fellowship rooted in forgiveness. Peter, you are a Christian, but why do you have an unforgiving heart?

17th-century Puritan Thomas Watson said forgiveness looks like this: you don’t seek revenge when someone offends you, you wish him well, you grieve at his calamities, you pray for him, and you seek reconciliation, and show yourself willing to come to his aid. That’s what forgiveness looks like. Will Peter ever forgive Obiano or will he turn Anambra State to a wasteland just to punish Obiano?

Finally, in the ancient Greek legend, the beautiful boy Narcissus falls so completely in love with the reflection of himself in a pool that he plunges into the water and drowns. Because of Peter Obi’s excessive self-love and the attendant sense of entitlement, the churches in Anambra State have drowned; Anambra Central Senatorial zone has drowned;  and now, with Obaze as an instrument of destruction, Peter Obi is aiming to destroy the State he loves so much.

I am sure Mr. Obaze will not like his name to be linked with the tale of how malignant Peter Obi conspired with IPOB and delivered Anambra State to the back pocket of Arthur Eze, the money bag that just bought over APC and their candidate for the November election.

So, Mr. Obaze, just cut the cord from the narcissist Peter Obi and run!

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