ANRP, Nigeria’s Leading Opposition Party Organises to Rescue the Nation

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ANRP Inaugural Congress held at the Eagle Square, Abuja.

ABUJA, 17 February 2018 — Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) Nigeria’s only credible alternative is ready and willing to rescue the nation from the social, economic, political, and moral impasse; to arrest the perennial slide to the abyss, and to commence the arduous task of nation building, having elected a formidable National Working Committee (NWC) at the party’s first post-registration Congress held at Eagle Square Abuja today thus:

1. National Chairman: Tope Fasua – Ondo State
2. National Vice Chairman: Aminu Yakubu – Kaduna State
3. National Secretary: Ebere Okonkwo – Imo State
4. Deputy National Secretary: Abigail Adesina Olagbaye (Ms) – Ekiti State
5. Financial Secretary: Abdulmumuni Ali – Kogi State
6. Treasurer: Jafeda Waba (Ms) – Borno State
7. Deputy Treasurer: Ojong Asu Tony – Cross River State
8. Organising Secretary: Ettu Mohammed – Edo State
9. Deputy Organising Secretary: Bob Olukoya – Ogun State
10. National Legal Adviser: Dennis Omorojor – Delta State
11. Deputy National Legal Adviser: Umar Faruk Yakubu – Katsina State
12. Secretary Intelligence and Cyber Security: Hf Dauda Moisoro – Yobe State
13. Deputy Secretary Intelligence and Cyber Security: Jeff Okoroafor – Imo State
14. Secretary Strategy: Henry Michael-Ihunde – Edo State
15. Deputy Secretary Strategy: Abdulwasiu Amao – Ogun State
16. National Spokesman: Sesugh Akume – Benue State
17. Deputy Spokesperson: Emeka Iwueze – Imo State
18. National Auditor: Kamoru Adigun – Osun State
19. Deputy National Auditor: Leo Godman Onogu – Kogi State
20. Secretary Information and Social Media Engagement: Tunde Gbotosho – Osun State
21. Deputy Secretary Information and Social Media Engagement – Olaniyi Soyinka – Ogun State
22. Secretary Internal Control and Party Discipline: Adedeji Fashina – Ogun State
23. Deputy Secretary Internal Control and Party Discipline: Festus Udechukwu – Ebonyi State
24. Deputy Secretary Chapter Coordination: Kelechi Agbasiere – Anambra State
25. Secretary Gender Balance and Youth Development: Christiana Ojo (Ms) – Ekiti State
26. Deputy Secretary Gender Balance and Youth Development: Collins Chizuruoke Ezem – Abia State

This diverse team of national officials was chosen on merit, an honest, open, free and fair election without recourse to a ‘zoning formula’, ‘unity lists’, imposition, money politics, and other practices of the old (and retrogressive) parties.

ANRP is a model political party with a world-class corporate governance structure and system, and built on the ethos of honesty, openness, transparency, and respect. ‘We don’t see ourselves as politicians’, Tope Fasua, the national chairman said, ‘rather, we see ourselves as being in the business of nation building. We are all about service, selflessness, and sacrifice. We are looking at what we can contribute, not what we can get.’

ANRP is here for the long haul. The party shall be active in our role of nation building in or out of government. Beginning today, we shall lead the charge in examining, critiquing, and engaging the current system; we shall provide policy alternatives, and also carry out social responsibility as well as developmental programmes to better and enrich our society and its people.

We are a citizens-led, grassroots party with presence in virtually all local governments areas and council wards across Nigeria. We do not have godfathers in our party. Membership is open to all, especially likeminded people who share in our aspiration for a Nigeria that is functional, just, fair, and works for all. We are financed not by moneybags, but crowdfunding (ie through the contributions of members and supporters of our cause).

Join us, also learn more about us at:

Sesugh Akume
National Spokesman

Office Telephone: 09064796674 (9 am – 5 pm)
Email: [email protected]