ANRP Urges Acting President Osinbajo to Go Beyond Sacking the SSS DG, to Focus on Better Governance

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ABUJA, 9 August 2018 — Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) hereby expresses its dismay at the revelation by the political adviser to the president, Mr Babatunde Ojudu on national television yesterday, 8 August that the director-general of the State Security Services (SSS) was sacked for partisan considerations — namely that the former DG is allegedly working in connivance with the senate president

ANRP urges Acting President Yemi Osibanjo to focus more on governance than politics, and believes that the illegal invasion of the National Assembly which is an assault on a constitutionally established institution is a far more important concern than partisan politics.

The Party urges the acting president to go beyond the removal, arrest and interrogation, but to go further to thoroughly investigate the circumstances of this siege, to implement far-reaching reforms in the Service to forestall further abuse of the agency, and to mete out consequences for all abuses of the system.

ANRP further encouraged the acting president to extend the cleansing to other security services by implementing the Kingibe Committee report of December 2017 on security services reforms. It is time to review the performances of the inspector-general of police and all the service chiefs. The Party is of the view that the daily killings in the country from Zamfara through Kebbi to Katsina to Kaduna, all the way to Plateau, Benue, Taraba to the south-east, deep south and south-west are a consequence of the failures of security services. There is also the monster called the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) terrorising and extorting innocent citizens. Resolving these and providing the security and welfare of Nigerians is more critical than mere politicking and power mongering.

ANRP also reminds the acting president of numerous unresolved issues around Mr Babachir David Lawal (former Secretary to the Federal Government, SGF), the ex-DG of Nigeria Intelligence Agency (NIA), the forgery allegation hanging on the finance minister, Mrs Kemi Adeosun etc. These and others are grave issues that cannot be swept under the carpet.

On the about-face by the All Progressives Congress (APC) whereby the party in one breath condemns the SSS attack on the National Assembly and in another supported it, ANRP advises that political parties should stick to principles at all times and ensure that Nigeria makes substantial progress on all fronts.

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Sesugh Akume
National Spokesman

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