APC Will Self-destruct Before 2015 General Election.

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Name coining is never a problem for Nigerians, at least they have been judged to be arguably one of the most intelligent people on earth. But no matter the nomenclature chosen to deceive the people, it will never change the fact that the common people still recognize APC as an extension of PDP, with 98% chance of being not so different from their master, the PDP. Since the name APC was thrown into Nigeria’s political system, it has been one trouble to another all in the name of having a credible opposition. APC have carried out their activities in an ungentle manner, something close to thuggery.

The 2015 general election is fast approaching and APC have to come out with a presidential candidate of their own which is exactly where the ugly story begins, considering the motives behind the congregation in the first place. Mohammadu Buhari, Bola Tinubu, and Atiku they are the men behind APC and they have got deadly ambition with huge appetite for power. Their quest to taste power again can never be matched by that of Abraham Lincoln who contested severally before eventually emerging victor.

Human needs they say, are insatiable, Bola Ahmed Tinubu who from inception acted as the king maker in APC, isn’t satisfied with that role anymore and like it’s usually said, “he is going for the owners box”. Simply put, he wants the presidents seat. The same goes for Buhari, who have tried to pass through the eye of a needle to make sure he comes back as a democratically elected president of Nigeria and in my summation, he is not ready to give it up at any price. And, of course, even the blind can see how much Atiku have craved for the seat since after his time with Olusegun Obasanjo. His, is so pronounced to the extent that Atiku was threatening thunder and brimstone if not elected as APC presidential flag bearer during the primaries.

PDP are not saints! They are probably the worst devil the world have ever known, with the way and manner they have governed the country over the past decade, but still it is probably right to manage one mad man than to have two all in one house! At least Nigerians are still fighting to see a way to show PDP the door, the masses don’t have to go through too much of brain work to do it against two monsters that have invisibly enslaved the entire nation for several decades. It will be a disservice if a man leaves a snake that enters his house to start making inquiry of who left the door open? Or who forgot to clear the grasses? Based on that, Nigerians have to start seeing APC, even in their chameleon like nature which they have adopted, for what they truly are. Though it have been argued in some quarters that the coming of APC is healthy for Nigeria’s democratic system, to give the PDP the challenge they have lacked over the years and give them the push to perform. Even at that, the pertinent question Nigerians must ask at this point is, who are those in the APC? They are the same people who have held down Nigeria for long as if it is a local wrestling contest. Most of them were very active in the first republic and are still having a big shout at what is done today.

Who gets the presidential ticket at the end of the in-house tussle between this gargantuan political stalwarts will spell doom for the party, it will bring internal rancor, bickering, bitterness and political sabotage. 2015 general election and the entire process leading to the election is pregnant, and only God knows what it will give birth to.