Apostle Johnson Suleman: The Joseph Of Nigeria? -By Isaiah Ogedegbe

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The recent controversy of Apostle Johnson Suleiman took a different dimension early this year, when a video surfaced on social media which went viral. It showed a lady who introduced herself as Stephanie Otobo. That is the name that was so much in the news last year, over a sex scandal against the man of God. However, in the video she retracted her scandalous claims, confessing that she was paid a lot of money by some politicians and pastors, to defame the man of God.


Apostle Johnson Suleiman


It could be recalled that last year the same lady used a document which contained bank transactions between her and the preacher as an evidence against him. Then she misled many Nigerians into believing that those bank transactions were her payment for sleeping with him. The truth of the matter is that those bank transactions were financial assistance rendered to her by the preacher out of his love for humanity. I now see Apostle Johnson Suleiman as “the Joseph of Nigeria.”

His innocence is seen as a victory to Christianity.