Appreciation every vocation in Nigeria: A remedy for the problem of recession -By Dominic Ezih Chukwudubem

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From time immemorial, there has been the need to engage in one form of vocation or the other. This trend has been and will always be. For some, they can become lawyers, while some they can become pilots etc. But most of us have limited the term vocation to mean three things. They are either you are a Doctor, lawyer or engineer. This trend has been inculcated into most of our children right from their elementary school; hence, they tend to prefer these vocations than any other, since the society has made them believe that these vocations are the supreme. But firstly, it will be important we understand what the meaning of the term vocation is. According to the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, a vocation is a type of work that you feel you are suited to doing and to which you should give all your time and energy, or the feeling that a type of works suits you in this way. This implies that the above mentioned vocations are not superior to any other vocation in as much as you are suited in doing whatever you are doing and you are giving it all your time and energy. Any thing you do is a vocation in as much as it is legit and does not go contrary to the land of the country.

In Nigeria, we have sold the image to various generations that the most prestigious vocations are the ones that involves wearing of suites, driving of the biggest cars, sitting in the office, and so on. Hence these image been sold to many in our society have resulted in the heavy belittling of other vocations. This trend has contributed in the present state of unemployment, economic hardship etc. we are facing. But the moment we learn that no vocation is lesser or bigger than the other the faster we will be able to come out of this present economic situation we find ourselves. We should realise that no vocation is lesser or superior to the other. A medical doctor is not superior to a hunter, just because he has been in the four walls of a university. Both have acquired different forms of education. A medical doctor cannot hunt for animals; hence, he or she has to rely on the hunter to supply him or her meat. Likewise, a hunter cannot treat himself or herself from any form of illness; hence, he or she needs the services of a medical doctor.

Every vocation has his or her function in any society. We need fashion designers, we need App developers, we need models, we need road side mechanics, we need a spare part seller etc. The moment we see these vocations as one and respect them all, we will relies that people will have dignity in whatever they are doing. This is what has helped most western societies presently. They have regard for every vocation. A medical doctor is not treated as a superior citizen. A laundry person is considered equal to a lawyer and he or she is respected in the society. Every vocation relies on each other over there. In fact, most of the persons driving the bigger cars over there are not even the medical doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. as the case is in Nigeria. But it will shock you to know that vocations such as nannies, house cleaners, laundry persons etc. own these bigger cars. That is why the economy over there is going very fine and all the citizens have dignity in whatever they are doing. This is not to exempt the fact that they do not have their challenges. But in Nigeria, the moment you say you are a nanny, a road side mechanic, a bus driver etc. They look down on you. You are seen as a second class citizen. This has landed us in this present economic state we find ourselves, because the present economic situation cannot provide jobs for all those who claim they are in highbrow vocations.

We need to come out of this fake mentality we have inculcated into the mindset of many and make all to realise that no matter what you do in as much it is legit you are a first class citizen. This will make most students have a rethink and go for what they hearts truly desire and not the fake image society has sold to them stating that some vocations are more superior to the other. We should remember that no man is a monopoly of all. Nobody can be a cleaner, a medical doctor, a security guard and so on at the same time. We need all these vocations to grow and move our society forward. There is dignity in whatever you are doing.

Dominic Ezih Chukwudubem
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