Are Journalists Rewarders Of Bad Behaviours? -By Isaiah Ogedegbe

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Let me start by saying that journalism is a profession I hold in high esteem. However, the behaviours of some journalists have left me wondering if journalists are rewarders of bad behaviours? No insult intended, please.

For instance, some journalists focus more on reporting criminal elements than reporting people that have done well for the good of the nation. If Nnamdi Kanu was a nation builder, I don’t think that media houses within and outside Nigeria would report on him the way they do. Almost every news website and blog publishes story of Nnamdi Kanu everyday and I see this as rewarding bad behaviour. Media giants like BBC are not left out. They have made a hero out of a near zero and I think many will soon begin to be stubborn, adamant and rebellious to constituted authorities in their respective nations so as to be equally rewarded by these journalists. This is extremely disturbing.