Are The #ChibokGirls The Sacrificial Lamb?

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Are The #ChibokGirls The Sacrificial Lamb?


For the past one hundred and thirty-nine days, Nigerians have been waiting to hear the good news from the government, the good news that the over 200 abducted schoolgirls from Chibok Community has been rescued. This news has never come, this news has taking too long and from the look of things, the government has tactically dished out the girls as a sacrificial lamb. The question is, to what end and for what reasons?

It took the Nigerian government a whopping 45 days to agree that there was an abduction in Chibok community. 72 days after, they stated that they know where the abducted girls were kept but will not engage the insurgents in order not to endanger their lives in the process. That was the last time any news came out from the government concerning the issue. No result from their rescue operation (if any), no update whatsoever concerning the Chibok girls for the past 139 days, what government operates like that? It is inhuman, reckless, unconstitutional and very wrong to treat such a serious issue with such level of discorded levity. These girls are Nigerians and so, by the provisions of the Nigerian constitution deserves the full right to be rescued by the government. On May 29, 2011, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan placed his right hand on the Holy Bible, and his left on the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and swore an oath to protect the lives and properties of all Nigerians, now is the time for him to put that promise to action and not renege on his promises.

What the government care about most today is a workable strategy that will bring back President Goodluck Jonathan to office and not the innocent schoolgirls who has been pulled away from the loving arms of their parents for the past 139 days. Nigerians all over the world must never allow these innocent children to be wastefully offered as a sacrificial lamb.