Are You Ready To Sell Your Vote Nigerians?

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The hypothesis which states that since May 29, 1999 when Nigeria took up the practice of democracy, no Nigerian has been able to retain his or her integrity, prestige, right, honour etc., has been unanimously propounded and agreed to be theory. Every now and then during election period, no matter the number of times a politician stays untrue to his words, they however still manages to get through to this same Nigerians with their unrealistic promises. The question is, why do Nigerians continue to make themselves cheap and fools in the eyes of these greedy and unpatriotic politicians?

Hunger and the rising scourge of poverty as well as the growing rate of unemployment has all been attributed to the reason why Nigerians are gullible and vulnerable. A mini bag of rice and some sachets of salts, just like we saw last week with the political party, APC, are enough to win and convince the loving heart of most Nigerians. These unreasonable “free” items blind them encouragingly, so much so that any patriotic nationalist and an opinion leader without money becomes a “noise maker” to them. Surprisingly, after voting in the unpatriotic politician who bought his way through sharing of rice and salts, they turn around to complain that corruption, impunity, poverty, high rate of unemployment, inefficient electricity power supply etc., is getting worst. Why won’t it NIGERIANS?

The question a vote seller who has received a mini bag of rice forgot to ask himself is this, if these politician really have something to offer to Nigeria and Nigerians alike, why then must they pay (bribe) to serve? Why then must they get stained to ascend to a righteous position? The action of a man without POWER tells a lot of what his action will be with POWER!

The result of our actions when we sell our votes to the highest bidder is simply translatable to bad leadership which leads to bad government, leading to bad governance as well as bad system, bad society, and which further pollute the country the more. The only way we can rid this country of the plaque that have infested it, is through our VOTES. There’s no amount of rice, salts, kerosine or money from any politician be it President Jonathan, can remove you from poverty, the only thing that will is a better Nigeria where the system works.

If your plan is to sell your vote come 2015, remember your generation, as well as the generation yet unborn.