Asen Wenger’s History of 1000th Game of Disaster.

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The game is in the most glamorous league, the English Premier League, the time is 13:45 on a Saturday and the venue is at Stanford Bridge, the home ground of Chelsea Football Club. Here comes the flamboyant and history making manager, Asen Wenger, walked to the field with his boys who went head-to-head with the blue boys of Jose Mourinho – long story, the short of it all is that the game ended in abysmal 6–0 in favour of the home side.

In a league where Mr. Wenger has spent seventeen seasons. Well lets just say that the humiliation was unbearable, and the disgrace was enormous which prompted the 1000th man of the moment to fudge the infamous post-match conference with the press. It was all about making history, because it was actually the first time in a very long time that Mr. Wenger left without granting the press an interview. While the world was waiting for the Arsenal manager to answer the controversial, Jose Mourinho’s rant concerning the 68 years old being a specialty in failure, but he ended up proving the Portuguese tactician right on that day.

The Arsenal manager finally broke his two days silence when he spoke in the clubs official website, saying “we had an accident on Saturday against Chelsea, that does not mean I am not a good driver.” at least this season alone, Wenger have found teams currently hugging the top 4 insurmountable, conceding a cumulative 17 goals against this three, scoring 4 goals in the process. This means that he’s had 3 major crashes this season. Asen Wenger’s passengers must always put on seat belt because, you never know when this things happen – a crash might occur any time.

Is Asen Wenger a good driver with a question mark? Or is he a driver with an ‘L-sign’? Irrespective of what people think or say about the man, I think passengers must feel safe with Mr. Wenger as their driver, as long as he is not heading down to Manchester City’s junction, passing through Jose Mourinho’s crescent or passing through Liverpool’s bus stop because, a ghastly motor accidents can occur more frequently on those roads – if Wenger is avoiding the boulevards, perhaps passengers should fill safe.

Is the Arsenal man, Asen Wenger accident-prone? He lost the games: Manchester City 6–3 Arsenal, Liverpool 5–1 Arsenal, and Chelsea 6–0 Arsenal. Have your say, would you consider Asen Wenger a good driver?