Behind The Mask – No Democracy -By Roy Biakpara

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Democracy is defined as a form of government in which power ultimately comes from the people who are governed, either through direct voting or through elected representatives. And this can range from a liberal direct democracy to an ‘illiberal’ totalitarian democracy.

A democracy is led by a democracy while a totalitarian democracy is disguised dictatorship led of course by a dictator to fool the people into thinking they have democracy. Moises Naim in his April 2017 article gives an explanation to the question why dictators like to Appear Democratic? Democracy contributes the most precious ingredient for tyrants: legitimacy. Even democracies obtained fraudulently, generate some legitimacy. North Korea is called Democratic People’s Republic!

Majority of currently established democracies, are representative democracies (elected officials representing a group of people). Nearly all modern Western-style democracies are types of representative democracies; for example, the United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, France is a unitary state, and the United States is a federal republic and has been struggling to be one since 2016 and even still be called ‘United’.

Roy Biakpara
Roy Biakpara

Totalitarian democracy refers to a system of government in which citizens, while granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision-making process of the government.

A totalitarian democracy, says Talmon, accepts “exclusive territorial sovereignty” as its right. It retains full power of expropriation and full power of imposition, i.e., the right of control over everything and everyone. Maintenance of such power, in the absence of full support of the citizenry, requires the forceful suppression of any dissenting element except what the government purposely permits or organizes.

According to Alexander Booth (Our Totalitarian Democracy), the term should properly apply to any political system that a) concentrates all power within a small elite, N4.68bn anyone? b) removes all checks and balances on this power, – Judiciary appointments recently c) leaves people no viable choice, d) relies on populist brainwashing to change people’s views and personalities, – Lai Mohammed’s pronouncements lately f) reliably elevates to government those unfit to govern – A to Z of those in positions.

It is this kind of democracy that you hear such statements as this, “the federal government can seize assets from citizens who cannot explain the source of their wealth.” – Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. And, “Help us reduce number of Nigerians travelling overseas, Ogbeh urges EU”. Lai Mohammed, “Atiku, PDP’s brand of opposition politics toxic, threatens democracy”. ‘Defeated Politicians In 2019 Elections Sponsoring Bandits, Herdsmen As Revenge’ Says Buratai. Just wow! Whether true or not, a seed has been planted that potentially an heat up the polity. Who is the Army Chief to say who won or lost elections? So far, they are contesting elections in courts so you begin to wonder what toxic ingredient has been added to that. It is actually the political, economic, and military minority who interpret the general will to suit their own interests.

Citizens of a totalitarian democratic state, even when aware of their true powerlessness, may support their government. It is what Hitler’s Nazi and Stalin had in the Soviet Union. From all indications and actions from the US administration, Trump would prefer such a democracy as well. He has openly shown admiration for those those leaders that are outright dictators or disguised dictators with a mask of democracy.

In some nations, certain religious or political populations may be targeted. ‘Katsina-based Islamic cleric, Mallam Aminu Usman, popularly called “Abu Ammar” was invited and detained allegedly by men of State Security Service in Katsina some days ago.’

In the UK, protests typically can lead to a change in certain laws and government decisions. That’s all part and parcel of a democracy. In a totalitarian democracy, protests are in effect, a waste of time. And usually, those who participate if employed, do so at the risk of losing their pay for that day.

“Think you’re in heaven but you’re living in hell”, so the Bob Marley song goes, and it is evident many are deluded just the same.

Definitions are from Wikipedia.

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