Big cover up: How much did Sanusi Lamido Sanusi paid AIT?

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AIT doctored a repeat broadcast of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s speech on the just concluded 2nd annual capital market retreat!

The past few days has got the Nigeria’s Central Bank Governor’s name, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, hugging all news headlines for the careless and insulting statement he made during the second annual capital market retreat and conference. The utterance caused so many bubbles in the country, there were agitations from different quarters, in fact, it caused some hair-twisting arguments. It made the masses to wonder if the government are not feeling the plight of the people at all, no matter how little.

The ripples got to the ever-ineffective, sleepy, dormant-but-existing NLC, that acts when they feel like it, to issue a joint statement with other relevant organizations to call for the immediate sack of the Central Bank Governor.

Since then Mallam Sanusi Lamido has come out to deny ever saying that, saying he was quoted out of context. I guess he was too excited on that very day to have recklessly made such a statement, unfortunately for the governor, he couldn’t take it back. Such unguided utterance is about to cause him his entire career both locally and internationally.

A popular radio program known as “Brekete Family” on the 29th November, 2012 gave the Federal Government an ultimatum of one month to relieve Sanusi of his position as the CBN’s governor, which prompted the Director of CBN on media and publicity, Mazi Ugochukwu Okoroafor, to smuggle a copy of the edited tape to the anchorperson of the program by 11:00pm, unfortunately for the man, the tape was empty. Maybe, they were too much in a haste to cover up their mess and interchanged an empty disc with the edited copy. The same Mr. Okoroafor still made it to the studio the next day (Friday) to lie to the general public of what the master said or did not say.

Here comes our beloved African Independent Television (AIT) to there rescue, just in time, but too late because the cookies has already crumbled. They were cajoled into making a repeat broadcast of same event on the 30th November 2012, at exactly 11:05pm, with special emphasis on Sanusi’s statement but this time an edited version. The context that is causing the whole hullabaloo has been expunged from the tape living us with the adulterated version. Thank God I have the original version.

My doubt has been cleared on this day. All this media houses are part of the big conspiracy going on in this country. Reporting white as black is not the hallmark of good journalism. No wander they concentrated more on covering the politicians and money bag industrialist instead of promoting up and coming entrepreneurs in the society.

Pride they say goes before once downfall, it is never too late to apologize and blame it on “sleep of tongue.” Mallam Sanusi, may be an economist but that certainly does not mean he is smarter than millions of Nigerians who were glued to there television set enjoying the retreat until he made that comment. If he was truly quoted out of context, why did the governor of Delta State, ask him about the numerous protest on different channels in respect of thousands of sacked bank staff? Why did his excellency, Emmanuel Uduaghan, made reference to the banned of “Okada” riders in Lagos and the banned Okada in Delta State,? Stating that it is better here in Delta State because we made arrangement for them before stopping them from operating.

Finally, he said to Sanusi “Sacking is not an option”. I wonder where the governor got those words, if not reacting to Sanusi’s statement. It was during Q&A segment of the show, that Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, answered a question from a man, from one of the new generation banks. He answered by saying “I know that tomorrow, every newspaper headline will read, Sanusi said sack 50% of public servants in the country”. What was he thinking? Which paper headline wouldn’t read that?

It is too late for pulling up every defence tactics he could find, Sanusi really have to go this time, after all, leading the apex bank is not his biggest aspiration, but to become an Emir.