Billing the unemployed for employment.

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Talk about Nigeria government’s injustice to her citizen, a classical case of “monkey de work baboon de chop” syndrome in the labor market system of the country. If compelling unemployed youth to pay for employment for which they are not certain of securing at the end of the recruitment exercise is not wickedness at its peak, then I don’t know what is.

This is certainly not the “fresh air” President Jonathan promised the people of Nigeria during his campaign. The slavery act is most peculiar to military, and government agencies, definitely not saying others are excluded. It is however no longer a secret, it’s frequently advertised in media, even banks aid in collecting payment for all the culprit agencies. Which I found utterly ridiculous because some of this paramilitary have gone step ahead to re-brand the method by way of selling scratch cards to prospective and most helpless candidates all in the name of securing a job.

Youths account for 90% of Nigeria’s workforce and 82% of that population are unemployed while the remaining 8% are underemployed which is posing more question than answer and the major players in the market are exploiting the opportunity to extort money from candidates they know will never get the job, in most cases ordinary Nigerians are the ones who part with loads of cash for a job far from horizon while those with uncles, brothers, however they are related and influential family friends get the job on a platter of gold.

You cannot begin to imagine the number of people our dear Senators, Ministers, Governors and even Chairmen and Counselors of Local Government help to secure a job in big organizations. It runs like a quota system, with massive list that includes the names of those they want organizations like CBN, NNPC and other blue chip companies to employ. This singular act clouds their judgment in carrying out their routine oversight functions on the activities of such companies. Most organizations advertise job vacancies as a camouflage, more like they flatter to deceive whereas, the people for such jobs has already been selected. Job opportunities are no longer evenly contested for by applicants neither is it based on qualification and competency assessment, they are kept for those with friends in high places or in most similar occasion sold to the highest bidder, in form of scratch cards.

It is definitely time for all civil society groups, the Labour Union etc. to come out from hibernation and fight this social injustice, by organizing massive non-violent free protest to drive home their views. Seek out those perpetrators, if it means blocking their gates and making sure that none of them opened for business until the problem is discussed and resolved to put an end to the humiliation our graduates face on daily basis. The only problem is that civil society groups and the Labour Unions are more interested in politics than political parties themselves which simply means that workers are hang out to dry without cover of any sort.