Boko Haram insurgency: State of emergency is not enough

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I am not entirely sure what the responds of most masses out there will be if asked whether or not a single order of totally destroying all suspected Boko Haram members. Some might feel pity for them and request they be giving more time to turn themselves in while some might ask that they should be sent to hell where they rightfully belong. Whatever the case maybe, I think they have had enough, the incessant killing of innocent people in Nigeria has to be stopped. It is not enough for the government to come out and say they condemn the act without doing anything about it; it is not enough for them to send our military men to those zones without an express instruction to kill insurgent that obstructs their activities; it is definitely not enough for the government to declare a state of emergency without having a contingency plan after post-state-of-emergency.

I am sure most of you out there have heard the recent attack in Damaturu, the capital city of Yobe state. Where over a dozen of Boko Haram members went to secondary school and started shooting sporadically into the students hostels. Report also has it that they took hold of two students and asked that they take them to the teachers’ quarter, after that direction was shown to them, they killed the two students. Isn’t this callous and inhuman? What could secondary school students possibly do to them to warrant such an unwholesome attack?

We seat in our homes, exclaim on the nature of unending attack rampaging our world. We tell ourselves that everything is going to get better when we know that it will only get worse. The governments don’t care because none of their wards/children will be caught in the middle of this. It is our children, our lives that are at risk if we continue to be quiet. Something has to, needs to be done if we must save ourselves in the Nigeria that we live in today.