Boko Haram: Nigeria Can’t Fall.

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Boko Haram: Nigeria Can't Fall


Nigeria is no doubt in a dire end, insurgency is perilously eating deep into her territorial grip. Deaths are recorded in great numbers, families are being shattered and displaced, and the insurgents are daily occupying territorial climes!

In the face of this despair and meaningless directions, a group defined by patriotic creed are up in arms trying wholeheartedly to repel the ravaging invasion of the marauders. The Nigerian Army is battled ready and doing everything possible to stop the criminal gangs.

It is in the light of this, we bring to you an expose on the sacrifices of our military men who are out in the cold and sun fighting excruciatingly to end the deprecating menace of the insurgents that are retrogressively redefining the development strides of Nigeria.

Our men and women in the military are re-echoing what true nationalism is as not just a name but a vein in the body. Every nation survives on the sacrifice of her people. They are not relenting as they deploy all strategic arsenals in their kitty to bring end this guerilla warfare.

We as a people in our collective bargain must give our soldiers the suppirt, honour and reward they deserve. They put their lives on the line as a shied between us and the insurgents. The comfort of their families should be our responsibilities, the peace of their loved ones should be our duty. Indeed our military men are our heroes in time of terror.