Boko Haram: Why all the killings?

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For far too long, there has been lots of killing, maiming and chaos in many corners of the Nigerian states by the Islamist sect known as Boko Haram – a group of misguided Muslim faithfuls, use by their Muslim leaders for selfish political ambitions. The big deal here is that the entire Boko Haram brouhaha seems like a war between the Muslims and Christians due to their pattern of operation.

You might wonder why i choose to write about the unending activities of these sleepers(Boko Haram). The reason is, there are things written in the Qu’ran that these people are missing, simply because their teachers misinterpret the Qu’ran to them and they never for a moment pick up the Qu’ran to read themselves. I am simply here to remind them what the Qu’ran truly says, what Prophet Mohammed teaches and believes in.

Many of the misguided Muslims believe that the greatest jihad is to fight the unbelievers in battle, but thats not true, the greatest jihad according to Prophet Mohammed’s teachings in the Qu’ran is to fight your own soul, to battle the evil within yourself. This, is the greatest jihad, and not too many Muslim faithful practice this, not too many of their Sheik nor Emir nor political leaders preaches this.

One thing is sure, in participating in a war, you are as guilty as the person who ordered the war. The mistake that these individuals make is that instead of allowing Islam to transform them, they are trying to transform Islam, to serve there political agenda, they are using Islam as a label to kill and murder innocent people, something that the prophet will never condone.

To kill one innocent man is to kill all man kind and to save one innocent man is to save all man kind. This, is what the Qu’ran teaches…achieving a goal through diplomatic means is more honorable than achieving same through violence. It is time for these sleepers to wake up, reconsider there actions, change there practice, say NO to there corrupt leaders, if at all, they want God’s blessings.