Business 101: Customer Care Services And Customer Satisfaction.

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Business 101 never deviates from the simple analogy of how ‘customers are kings’ and has to be treated as one. It remains ever resounding in the world of business irrespective of the dynamism of business world or the volatility of business environment. The size of the business or the form of ownership does not come into perspective here.

Big corporations budget huge sums of money for advertorials and at the end of every fiscal year they quote outrageous amount of money spent on marketing neglecting how much good customer service would have recking for the company. Marketing by word-of-mouth is as potent as a well prescribed drug for the right illness but that is on the condition that a customers walk out of your company with smiles (satisfaction).

Most successful businesses ride on near perfect customer services. The happiness of their customers are top of their priority list and they strive hard to see that every member of the organization from the chief executive officer to the cleaners understand how important the man who walks through that entrance door is to the growth and development of the company. In well organized environment every staff are on the same page when it comes to customers and their needs.

Businesses nowadays have compromised customer satisfaction for bottom line profit. The name of the company doesn’t matter, the brand representation stand on a thin rope in this regard. Customers feel satisfied when they see their needs treated with utmost care, and their complains met in record time. They will come back again and again, this time with some couple of friends.

Brand is about character, the content of your product or service must be as promised. Be it startups or big corporations consumers must get value for their money, otherwise the brand representation will be discredited.

Feedback from customers is as important as life it self in the survival of any business. Ensue to drop a note in the customer service desk for customers to fill in their level of satisfaction from the services you provide –if filling the form will waste time, make it brief by limiting it to close-ended questions and most importantly provide a complaint box by the corner and indicate it boldly for consumers notice. Treat customers complaints as urgent as a heart attack, one that seem so bad put a call across to the customer. Show clients that their welfare is your major concern and the customer will show your brand loyalty.