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MTN Nigeria In Fresh Scandal Over Copyright Theft -By Agnes Idowu

MTN NIGERIA FACES ANOTHER IMPENDING COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT LAW SUIT OVER ILLEGAL USE OF CALLER RING TUNES SUPPLIED IT BY NEW WINGS MEDIA.     Mr Udoh, the CEO of New Wings Media has vowed to file a fresh lawsuit against MTN Nigeria over claims of infringement of his intellectual property rights, following a proposal he […]

  On May the 19th 2017, SaharaReporters published an article “NCC in Toothless Dog Bark at Telecom Firms” with an opinion that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has not acted on the violation of consumer rights by the telecom operators. I think the opinion that the Nigerian Communications Commission hasn’t acted on this is wrong! The […]

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    Obudu is a popular name on people’s lips in Nigeria. However, even with how popular this destination is, there are still a couple of things that are misconceived or unknown about the place. To fill in the gap, Michael Uzoma Michael shares amazing facts about Obudu. 1. It’s a Local Government Area and […]

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  In any society, there are certain behaviours, norms, standard of living that is expected to be followed by every member of that society. These guiding principles can be said to be the way of life of the people that are living in that society. It will not be wrong to say that this Way […]

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Airtel’s Fraudulent Manipulation Of Data -By Elias Ozikpu

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  The plenitude of problems confronting Nigeria are beyond those manufactured in the criminal bakeries of our political oppressors. The undeniable truth is that we did not arrive in our current state of oppression without giving our oppressors a helping hand. We have tragically created for ourselves an identity of gullibility and simple mindedness, and […]

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ÈMÓTÀN -By Joshua Bamidele

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  In the drench of the rain In the cold of the day For warmth the body begs Weather for two I find myself To keep this cold host warm For your company the body begs A natural cardigan for warming With you to spend this moment Your thoughts have taken a firm grip of […]

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ABIRÙN -By Joshua Bamidele

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  The egg hosts the ejaculation An attack was the fertilization In love and care came the deception But to annex a coast was the intention Conception took to play A pregnancy tending unwanted The gestation lasting than tolerable Yet premature came the offspring Having spent longer gestation period Why the need for an incubator […]

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Can NBC Re-invent Broadcasting In Nigeria? -By Zainab Suleiman Okino

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  In its over 25 years of operations, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has never been under the radar, as it is today. Recently the Commission got broadcast stations scampering helter-skelter when it revoked 54 dormant broadcasting licences after they had exceeded their two-year grace period, without coming into operation. Those in operation are facing […]

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Addressing the plight of telecom subscribers -By Chidiebere Nwobodo Chidiebere

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  According to Wikipedia, the consumer is the person who pays to consume goods and services produced. As an individual, he plays a vital role in the economic system of any nation. The consumer also constitutes a strategic part of the distribution chain in the overall economy. He is the end of production cum distribution […]

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  It’s believed that if you want to change a nation, change her youth and they will transcend the change to their respective communities. Reverse is the case in one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria – Obafemi Awolowo University as the network of the above service provider is more or less a mere mirage […]

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