China refused to address the issue of substandard products in Nigeria

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Few days ago(precisely May 30, 2012), delegates from Nigeria and the People’s Republic of China met in Beijing with the single intention of signing an agreement that will address the issue of importation of substandard products into Nigeria, however, this meeting didn’t go quite well as delegations from both countries failed to sign the agreement.

It is understood that the Nigerian team, represented by the Standard Organization of Nigeria(SON) demanded that products not fit to be sold in China should not be imported into Nigeria and also, that products found wanting on arrival to Nigeria be quarantined, investigated by both parties, and if found wanting repatriated to the country of origin…the Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine(AQSIQ), the Chinese version of SON demanded a 1.5% on every 1000 inspected products destined to Nigeria, this proposition, the Nigerian delegates politely declined.

The entire political maneuvering and game play by China through her head delegate, Mr Wang Xin – Director-General of AQSIQ doesn’t tell well about them. I mean, why will they be requesting for a percentage cut of 1.5 on every 1000 inspected products headed to Nigeria? Why won’t they just make sure that every product that leaves there country is as good as the one they use in there country? Without a second thought it tells one thing, that the Chinese government has been aware of the substandard goods continuously shipped to Nigeria, and that they show no remorse for the damages they might have caused through these defective low profiled goods. One will not be wrong by saying that they find comfort in killing innocent people and polluting environments, because thats exactly what these goods does.

I respect the Chinese government as well as her people, if not for anything, for their strive to success in mostly the things that matters. However, i think its in good fate that the Nigerian government and people opened up there market windows to them, and it will be a big shame and a total disaster for the Chinese government not to support the government of Nigeria in making sure that quality goods are provided for her people.

Signing this agreement and making sure that every product that enters into the Nigerian market(which of course is a very big market) will not only favour the Nigerian people, it will strengthen the Chinese brand. I mean, do you know how it sounds when one go to buy a product here in Nigeria and have to repeatedly make the statement, “thats a Chinese product, please get me something good and quality enough”? This is something the Chinese delegates may want to think about when next they are in the table of discussion with the SON team from Nigeria.