Civil Disobedience, The Way To Revolution.

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Civil disobedience is a moral weapon in the fight for justice, but i guess the question in your mind will be, how can “disobedience” ever be moral? Well i guess that depends on ones definition of the word.

In 1919 in India, ten thousand people gathered, to protest the tyranny of British rule, the top gunning British general, Gen. Reginald Dyle, trapped them in a court yard, and ordered his troops to shoot into the crowd for ten minutes. 379 died! Men, women, children, shot down in cold blood. Dyle said he taught them a moral lesson.

Gandhi in his way responded, not with violence, but with an organized campaign of non-cooperation. Government buildings were occupied, streets were blocked by people who refused to rise even when beaten by police. Gandhi was arrested, but the British was soon forced to release him. He called it, a moral victory. The definition of moral, Dyle’s lesson or Gandhi’s victory? You choose!

You are right to argue that nothing in law that tramples upon RULE OF LAW can be moral. But not when for 54 years of our independence, young Nigerian cannot boast of constant power supply; quality education; good healthcare; good road network; efficient security; stable economy, and not when the rich live on the expense of the poor. An unjust law is no law at all. Which means i can decide to protect myself as well as my right as a citizen, with violence, or civil disobedience. Nigerian leaders should pray Nigerians choose the later.