CLAN-SAP Debut Experience: A Testimony Of True Evangelism -By Joseph Shiiwua

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When Jesus mandated the deciples in Mark 16:15 to “Go into the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole human race,” he really meant an activity that is not abstract based, but that, which is concrete and capable of meeting real human needs. The early disciples understood this mandate so well such that they could even sell all they had, and share the proceeds as each had need (Act 2:45). This act was an examplification of Jesus who went about doing good (Act 10:35).

Catholic Lectors Association of Nigeria (CLAN), Abuja Archdiocese, under successive administrations have been doing incredibly fabulous in ensuring that the Goodnews is preached through inculcation of competencies and capacity improvement via seminars and workshops; encouragement to live saintly lives while avoiding sin as provided for in Exodus 20:3-17.


Joseph Shiiwua


The Chris Nzeduru’s administration however recognized that evangelization is not just about proclaiming at the pulpit and striving for personal piety only, but also the need to do those things that Jesus prescribed as the criteria for heaven in Mathew 25:34-40; that is clothing the naked, visiting the Sick, feeding the hungry and providing water for the thirsty etc. This recognition led to the conception of CLAN Support a Parish (SAP) project. To ensure that the scheme is skillfully and successfully driven, the always agile and ever ready CLAN Abuja Vice President, Sis Gina Tule was chosen to chair the planning and implementation process along side some other brilliant chaps from across the deaneries. Months into the conception, planning and organization, the first phase of the scheme came alive on Sunday, November 4, 2018 at St Mulumba Parish Igu, in Bwari Deanery.

Navigating to Igu
Journeying through Dutse down to Ushafa, up to Bwari and navigating one’s way to Igu is indeed a herculean task that is both adventurous and worthy of deep reflection. The road to Igu is fantastic only up to the Veritas University. This however, is just 10 percent of the journey. This means that the remaining 90 percent of the road is horrible. Such is the road to that part of the world where our brothers and sisters live. What is particularly fascinating is the wonderful terrain where one romances the nature as he/she pushes into the almost forgotten and mountain surrounded settlement of Igu. It is indeed a quick reminder of how fortunate some of us are, who live in the city centre and satelite towns.

Are you asking for the side attraction? Wait a minute, I will be right back.

The Presentation
The CLAN Abuja presented robes, missals, and Lectern to the Parish amidst cheers of appreciation and encomium. Receiving the items, the officiating priest thanked the Archdiocesan body of CLAN for the philanthropic gesture, and prayed God to continue to sustain all members of the CLAN Abuja.

Side Attraction
Four spectacular things happened at St Mulumba, Igu during the visit:

(1) Comrade Ameh Monday, the Archdocoesan P.R.O. broke record with a display of scintillating and irresistible dance steps when Zumunta Mata hit their drums and sang gracefully to the Lord. I am sure if King David of old were to appear at the scene, he would have asked Comrade for mentoring.

(2) The Fluent spoken Hausa from “strange” persons: First is the fact that the officiating Priest who is an indigene of Akwa Ibom officiated in Hausa so fluently and convincingly in a manner that words can not explain. Second is the prowess in spoken Hausa as demonstrated by our very own Archdiocesan President, Lector Chris Nzeduru.

(3) The Harvest Items Presented by Parishioners. While in metropolitan parishes people give huge amounts of money and expensive household items, the Parishioners of Igu did their harvest with Maize – most of which were not separated from the cobs. Other items were sugar-cane, and very few – less than 5 tubers of yam.

(4) Parting Gift from Parishioners of Igu. Do you know that these guys (brothers and Sisters of ours) are generous? They would not allow us leave, until the four cars we went with were fully loaded with sugar cane. This sugar cane is so unique – soft and as sweet as honey.

What’s Next?
All roads lead to Gwagwalada next Sunday (11/11/18). Those of us who made it had a wonderful experience. You wouldn’t want to be told. Comrade Ameh promises to be more outstanding in his dance steps. You wouldn’t want to miss Igala steps in Hausa music again.

Kudos to Sis Regina Tule, Ameachi Agbo and other members of the CLAN-SAP committee for their hard work, sacrifice and coordinating ability. God alone will reward your sacrifice of Service.

Eye witness account by
Joseph Shiiwua,

CLAN Coordinator,
Gwagwalada Deanery.