Concerning The Rousing Tensions About Recent Hate Speeches -By Oluwamayowa Lala

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Oluwamayowa Lala


As a voice, I hold that the cacophony of division being cranked out in bloodthirsty manner by some people from different sides is criminal and must be treated as such in a swift, tactical and balanced manner by appropriate authorities, there is no need to sugarcoat things, we shouldn’t sit and watch these people raze the country down with their ignorance, It’s best that war should not be found in any of our calculation and we shouldn’t include any form of violence in our calculations. History and the relics of the past wars had taught some of us to abhor violence at all cost, those violent youths from different sides who resolved that violence would be used to pursue justice and therefore resort to all form of anti social vices have failed to look deep into the nature of war, they know very little about the cataclysmic fallouts of war, if any war breaks out, many innocent people will pay for it and these eccaleobions of ethnic conflicts most times survive at the end of the war.

Brexit recently occurred without much wahala, can’t we organise ourselves to pursue things without these crudeness that has been setting the black race backward for all these years. The little history I captured made it clear that our socioeconomic development was interrupted by needless wars because some people needed slaves for the transatlantic slave trade and same goes for the 1966 civil war. We shouldn’t keep up with this crude trend of resolving everything through violence especially considering that we risk losing so much.

Now, if any of these groups know that they are capable of organising themselves against any perceived threat, I think what they need to spend those energies to confront and challenge is their political status quo especially their politicians, and maybe by so doing they’ll have whatever they want through a peaceful and tactical approach.

There exist other tools that can engineer fairness and equity,(justice) to a large extent as I plead that we take a look at this line of thinking:

  1. Simple logics and most of our religions suggests that humans are of similar descent but through the passage of time, there came these geographical, religious, cultural factors and other natural phenomena that occasioned the thickening of these divides among groups of human.
  2. It is very difficult to create tidy divisions in Nigeria considering that there are other silent and disgruntled minorities who are distrustful of loud majorities.
  3. One of the approaches we can use is by sitting down together like bloods( just like number 1 thinking suggested)and negotiate the best government structure that will suit us, the erstwhile confab failed to ameliorate this aspect of National sensitivity and for that reason I still begrudge that confab as a sham.

We can still find ways to sit and resolve things properly.