Cross-carpeting in Nigeria’s Political System.

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Many months ago Nigeria’s network providers came up with the term “porting”, which enables network users to swap one network provider from the other, but it now seem it’s no more limited to network providers, our politicians have taken the front row in jumping (porting) before a second thought is even entertained. If the citizens ever think that their leaders are porting from one political party to another for no reason, then they have to think again because they know the party that may offer them the best service, like the network service, and probably where their bread meets their butter. The term cross-carpeting was integrated into Nigeria’s political terminology some decades back, when political parties in the country experienced a massive exodus of members from opposition parties and vice-versa in search of a more conducive atmosphere that appeals to their insatiable quest for power and hunger for excessive comfortable looting.

At the moment Nigerian politicians are like sharks looking out for the smell of blood because, since they sensed the 2015 general election, it has been cases of politicians defecting from one party to another and this movement can be largely attributed to lack of political ideology. Just a week ago there was a massive movement in the south-east, some politicians moving from APC to PDP, well, it seems PDP is truly flowing with milk and honey as claimed by one of Nigeria’s top and famous leaders. PDP offers its members softer landing, meaning they can assume positions in government and chose not to perform, no question asked and no answer given.

More than ever before I think It is time for the electorates to stand up to reason and understand that they are not in the list of this power hungry, political hustlers priorities as they defect to opposition party. Nigerian youth, and other social bodies and educated men and women must see them for who they are because non is cross-carpeting to protect the interest of the constituencies they represent, it is all written in their personal greed, their individual pocket and until they’re flushed out of power, no meaningful development will come to our various community, the child on the street will never have a hope of roof over their head or experience quality education and the untold hardship the masses have come in contact with may never go away.

The time is coming, the time is February, 2015, we will be approached for our vote, it will be your choice what you do with yours, whether to collect the peanut they will offer and enslave your entire generation for thousand years after you are gone or vote them out and vote in the right people to power and see the fortunes of your children to come totally improved.