Daddy freeze growls, but the Church of GOD is Marching on -By Nneka Okumazie

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People who are great at insults often win the moment, in arguments, fights and sometimes in jest. Some of those – the shots are direct at, who can’t match them, are often better, builders or doers in some other things, the insult experts cannot match.

There is no greatness in the ability to insult others. Though it is the strength of many, it is better to be great at things that matter, not those who pick on anything to talk about how bad it is, or was, while in denial of their own severe flaws.

There are studies in psychology seeking why some people look for as many to go down with them, when they are lost, drowning or removed.



There is a reason why freedom of religion is standard in many societies, because no matter what the worship is, it is not central to development, policies, law, science, innovation, technology, etc.

By now, assuming daddy freeze was factual and his social media mutters had any meaning, the main Churches he attacks should have shrunk. But NO, they can’t. All his lies and attacks against the Church are isolated to himself and those who seek out his social media accounts.

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Daddy freeze has no influence apparent in the real world. He also has no online influence that regularly makes traditional media news. Blogs are his lifeline. They bear him for clicks, so they can feed. Daddy freeze is an isolated lunatic blabbing on, against the Church of GOD that is matching on. He attacks Church teams and families that are formidable – in the Lord. All daddy freeze has is ashes.


There are certain people who are normal, loving, exciting, whatever you can think until they get angry. When they do, it is someone different. They lie – to gain advantage. They say anything, get aggressive, get violent, rip things off, break things and cause deep sorrow. It devolves quickly to the worse possible place – in rage.

Anger is OK, but abnormal levels of anger, most times for the most inconsequential things may be indicative of some form of psychosis.

This is similar as dangerous levels of certain kinds of actions and, or triggers after seeing or hearing something.

If some people see Church, or hear tithe, or marriage, or pastor, or prosperity, or prayer, or faith, or holiness, they are immediately triggered, displaying hard agitations to pay their mental or emotional debts.

This is relatable with daddy freeze and all his hate against the Church. He picked so much on Pastor Adeboye of RCCG, he was ignored and he moved over to his wife. She didn’t abseil to his mud.

Pastor Adeboye does not own any member of RCCG. Whatever anyone does in the Church, in service, is voluntary, and not for the Pastor – directly or indirectly. All the hyperbole against the Pastor and the Church are false. Just as he does not own members, so is he not responsible for all their actions, no matter who or what.

Daddy freeze evanescent

Daddy freeze has said lots of things, but nothing stuck. All his supporters are blinded at a similar frequency as his. He hates when any one does critical thinking of his malfunctioning views. But he encourages whatever he defines critical thinking as, against Churches and Pastors.

He does not know what causes poverty, or how it can be solved. Earnings, prices and conditions of living are beyond his comprehension. He says Churches are responsible for poverty which is evidently false.

Some indirect supporters of daddy freeze on social media recently said religion was made by the rich to let the poor hope for an afterlife. NO! That is not the case, at least for Christianity.

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How about social media? What was it made for and by whom? If social media is a perfect place where perfect looks, life and status are rife, who created that exhibition? Or was it created for something else, and then took a path of its own?

Social media fuels desire, cravings, wants and aspiration. Social media showings fit the narrative of what was made for the poor or struggling so that they can hope – for materialism. This is incomparable with the Hope or Faith in genuine Christianity.

Jesus Christ the Redeemer

Christianity is a lifestyle and a path. Christ should be fore, in everything, for genuine Christians. Christ is a great purpose to live for and to seek others who should do the same. There are some who can find their passion, destinies, talents, goals, partners, etc. in Christ alone.

Yes, Christianity may appear to not work for some. Some may have prayed and hoped for a while, and whatever they wanted didn’t come, so they gave up or sought shortcut religions out. They got what they wanted with massive doses of oddities, consequences and entanglements.

Prayer works and it is never too much. Daddy freeze has never encouraged anyone to pray, fast or have Faith. He’d instead criticize prayers and Faith in GOD. Daddy freeze is not a follower of Christ Jesus. He would never talk about holiness or go and sin no more of Jesus, what he looks for is who did Christ tithe to, or where is tithing in the Epistles?

The Epistles did not tell us the Church programs or their order of service. Perhaps, there were tithes, offering, testimonies, prayer services, miracles during services, giving to the poor, Choir ministration, Message, small classes, announcements, etc.

There was instructions and echoing of Christ’s Holy Communion in the Epistles, but there was no extensive record of any Church service doing it, or having in the Epistles.

Daddy freeze often talks about missing parts of the Bible to assuming laxness of GOD’s laws. But if there are missing parts of the Bible, it is those that would corroborate the emphasis in the Scriptures towards Holiness, Righteousness, etc.

The Epistles will talk about fleeing fornication, daddy freeze will encourage fornication. The Epistles did not mention the internet, so for him pornography is not a sin. It is clear that that individual is against Christ and the Church.

He’s the mercenary of hell that blurts out the negative thought in hearts that normal people do great to snuff out.

Daddy freeze loves science, technology and westerners a lot. They are his strength against Christianity in Nigeria. What he does not understand is that in some of the households of certain choice experts in science, engineering, law, psychology, etc. in western societies, drug use, overdose stories, inexplicable vices, etc. are found.

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If science or psychology can interpret and answer all, most of the kids should not be users. But NO, Christianity is the only problem in the world, in the comments of daddy freeze and his losers.

The Church of GOD had already exceled before the internet, before social media and before all the uninitiated hate. The Church of GOD will continue to be valuable to transformation of lives, changes, help and progress. Genuine Christians will continue to experience great Grace from the LORD.

Sometimes it is exciting to remember [Psalm 50:3] “Our GOD shall come, and shall not keep silence: a fire shall devour before Him, and it shall be very tempestuous round about Him.”