Daddy Freeze: How RCCG & Adeboye did NOT brainwash members -By Nneka Okumazie

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There are people whose minds always tell them they’re failures, that no matter what they do, or achieve, their minds reminds them of that, and they – sort of – accept.

Some still make ambitious attempts in spite of that, but when rejected, that mind comes biting with ‘I told you so’.

This failure mentality often defines how they try, or apply, or how they view rejection, or disappointment, or acceptance, or opportunities.
It is often a battle to fight that mind, whose own attacks go everywhere and can happen anytime. It is often easier – sometimes – to fend off individual discouragers, but answering the mind, with stronger stances, against what it says takes a lot of work.

It is possible to label this mentality of failure as brainwashing, though it is a different aspect of it, but if the mind says something and a person can’t counter it, or believe otherwise, then the mind has brainwashed that person to accept.

Though often, brainwashing comes from external sources, people, places and things, brainwashing can also come from thoughts.
Brainwashing is generally thought reform [in psychology]. There are methods to it that includes education [propaganda], persuasion [attitude] and compliance [behavior].

There is the brainwasher [agent] and the brainwashed [target]. The target is expected to act in a certain way, afterwards. There is healthy [or mild] brainwashing and there is harmful brainwashing.

Brainwashing can be broadened across tons of scenarios and can also be regimented for special cases. But brainwashing happens to everyone. There are too many things believed, accepted and acted on – as told by others. It impossible to see, hear, or try everything before believing, so many things are accepted based on what is heard, seen or shared.

Brainwashing can also be used in present for purpose – before the fact is known in future. A kid can be warned by the parent to not touch or do something, and then give a different reason. But the kid would grow up to find that the reason was simplified for safety but the fact is different.

Same applies to going to a new place, or a new job, or a new curriculum, or several other situations and processes. Yes, it is advised to always challenge the conventional wisdom and to also question things, there can be room to make progress, but most times, many situations and choices often have reasons. So why some things may – ordinarily – look like brainwashing, it may not be brainwashing, but an actual fact or purpose.

There’s brainwashing that’s really shocking to all. There are also some that are so despicable, it almost as hypnosis. There are some that are so harmful, so hurtful, it is criminal.

Genuine Christianity is not brainwashing. It is the acceptance to live a life of the Spirit, while in the mortal body. There are rules to follow, things to hear, stuff to do, how to meet, how to keep up, what to study, how often to communicate, etc. that are actual facts of the Spirit of Truth, but they seem like brainwashing to unbelievers.

Yes, there are fake churches and pastors who do all sorts to brainwash their members. They ask them to do ridiculous things, or act in ludicrous ways, or speak in contrary to what the Spirit of Truth wants.

RCCG and their lead Pastor have been able to follow the Scriptures – closely – in their doctrines and moves. The worst criticism of the Church which is tithes and first fruit are examples of giving, often commanded by Christ in the New Testament.

Giving that is according to your faith, not forced – expected to be cheerful and as submission to GOD.

RCCG has not told members to do awful stuff, or act in certain ways, NO!
But daddy freeze, critic of the Church of GOD, says much – often, to brainwash people against Christianity. But the Church of GOD is everywhere because they are [like] hope centers, where all kinds of people come to receive hope dosages against [sometimes] depressing and tough thoughts.

Hope from Church parishes can even result in happiness and joy, than pleasure from nightclubs or whatever else is similar to that.

Some young wealthy people are internet fraud flourishing because of what their minds accepted as the definition of success, or what they want in life.
So, they get the money, live the life but are so empty, and mostly valueless to progress and society. Many of them still depend on substances, etc. to be OK and stable.

But Hope and Faith are the pillars of Christianity, available to everyone and for free. The more the Word of GOD that is heard, the more faith grows.

Luke 9:62, And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of GOD.